Kim Jong-Un look-a-like dances in front of North Korean cheerleaders and the reaction is bizarre

Kim Jong-Un look-a-like dances in front of North Korean cheerleaders and the reaction is bizarre

Last week, during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, two celebrity lookalikes turned up to mingle with the crowd. One of them had striking yellow hair, a red baseball cap, and a stern look on his face, while the other - a slightly shorter man - was dressed in all black, had slick-backed hair, and sported a pair of glasses. They were, of course, supposed to be Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Unfortunately, their antics didn't last long, and the pair were kicked out before the ceremony was even over.

But, during yesterday's events, the North Korean dictator's doppelgänger resurfaced - this time to parade in front of a group of cheerleaders. And they weren't impressed.

The 230-member cheerleader squad had previously attracted a lot of attention due to their mesmerizing performances at the games, and have been dubbed, "the army of beauties". However, when a lookalike of their dear leader showed up during a hockey match between Korea and Japan, their faces soon turned sour.

Kim (whose real name is reportedly "Howard") paraded in front of the group before dancing, posing for photos, and shaking hands with members of the crowd. All the while, the cheerleaders' surly expressions were caught on camera.

However, his fun was cut short when members of security forced him to leave.

"They shouted something in Korean, I wasn't sure what it was," said Howard, "and then the police got involved and they dragged me away – they said for my own safety."

Here's a clip of the totalitarian twin being ushered away from the crowd:

"This is crazy," said Howard as he was led out of the arena. "What do we have, 10 policemen? What do you think I'm going to do? I don't bring violence. I just want to see the game, so what's the problem? "I just want to see the game, so what's the problem? I'm about to miss my game."

While it's illegal to impersonate Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Howard insisted that he was well within his rights to do his shtick in the democratic south.

"South Korea is a democracy with freedom of speech. It's very important to remind the world that you can't let North Korea hijack these games with their cheer squad and everything like that. It's a terrible regime," he said. "And, as an Aussie impersonator, I'm going to take the p**s out of it."

Despite getting such a frosty reception from security, however, Howard did say he saw some of the cheerleaders giggling at his chants of "we are one!" and "Unify the motherland!"

"It shows you we’re human after all," he said of the cheerleaders' behavior. "Doesn’t matter if they’re South or North Koreans, a sense of humor and a bit of political satire is always needed."

As funny as his act may seem, Howard is right in saying that his impersonation is a demonstration of freedom of speech. While the spotlight is on North Korea during the Olympics, it's important to remember the nation's atrocities - and hopefully encourage others to do something about it.