Nevada Athletic Commission hand Conor McGregor medical ban following Mayweather defeat

Nevada Athletic Commission hand Conor McGregor medical ban following Mayweather defeat

Following months of ceaseless speculation, intrigue and chatter, perhaps the most surprising thing about The Money Fight was that promoters were actually successful in making it a reality.

In reality, the outcome of the bout was never truly in question; a masterful boxer, arguably the greatest defensive fighter ever and, lest we forget, undefeated, was never going to lose to Conor McGregor on his professional debut. This is why the fight had been greeted with such derision by many in the boxing world, though the tantalising, minute possibility that McGregor could land a big left hand, somehow, and win the fight was enough to have fans buying the fight in their millions.

Inevitably, Mayweather defeated McGregor, recording his 50th win from his 50th professional bout, and abruptly retiring once more, even more wealthy than before, and with his undefeated legacy firmly intact.

Floyd Mayweather punches Conor McGregor Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

Conor Mcgregor, meanwhile, felt that the fight had been stopped too early, claiming he was merely fatigued rather than hurt, and so he will no doubt be frustrated to learn that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has handed him a two-month suspension on medical grounds following the fight.

In practical terms, this means that it is unlikely McGregor will fight again before the end of this year, despite reportedly eyeing a return to the UFC before the end of 2017.

Interest in Conor McGregor has arguably never been greater; though his defeat by Floyd Mayweather was, perhaps, expected, the Irishman gave a better account of himself than many felt would be possible in the lead up to the bout, and his promotional power was undeniable, second to none, magnetic.

Conor McGregor raises a glass Credit: Getty

Has there ever been a fighter, across any discipline, who commands as much attention, awe and intrigue as Conor McGregor now does? For though he lost The Money Fight in practice, in reality he is almost as much a winner as Mayweather in terms of the growth of his brand and cache. For a man who rose from relative poverty, these dizzy climbs are astonishing and laudable.

Audie Attar, McGregor's manager, has been discussing potential future opponents for McGregor, and it makes for enticing reading;

“[McGregor] wants that trilogy [with Diaz].

“You’ve got Khabib [Nurmagomedov] calling him out, then you obviously have Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee who are fighting for the interim lightweight title.

"You have Max Holloway, who is the 145 champ now, who Conor beat after blowing out his ACL at the beginning of the fight.

"You have options, and he loves mixed martial arts."

Nate Diaz in the octagon Credit: Getty

A trilogy fight with Nate Diaz would surely be the fans preferred next destination for McGregor, who has faced off against Diaz in two brutal contests thus far, splitting the pair.

Whatever Conor McGregor's next move, now, more than at any other point during his career, the whole world will be watching. The Money Fight has launched his career into the stratosphere.