Olympic figure skaters are told their suggestive routine is 'too sexy'

Olympic figure skaters are told their suggestive routine is 'too sexy'

Unlike its summertime sister, the Winter Olympics doesn't really draw in a lot of hype amongst regular sports fans. Sure, it's entertaining to watch a few people hurtle down a bobsled run for a while and, admittedly, a lot of the skiing is really impressive; but, on the whole, there's not really anything for the average viewer.

However, this weekend, two figure skaters attracted a bit too much attention with their dance routine.

The Canadian athletes, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, came under fire after their Moulin Rouge-inspired number was deemed to be "too sexy", and have now been told to change their routine before the next performance.

figure skaters Credit: YouTube/Brau Avitia 2

The three-time Winter Olympic medalists originally displayed the routine during the 2018 Canadian Skating Nationals in January this year. At the time, it received high praise, with one performance even receiving a perfect score.

However, there was one move, in particular, that was decided to be a little too "risque".

The taboo move saw Moir lift Virtue from a jump in such a way that her legs were hooked around his shoulders, and his face was in direct contact with her crotch. Needless to say, it didn't really look like a friendly piggyback ride.

Since it was pointed out that the move might give some viewers the wrong idea, though, Moir insisted that he wanted to change that part of the dance anyway. "What it came down to, actually, was that when we slowed it down and looked on the video, it wasn’t aesthetically that beautiful of a position," he said, "so we wanted to change it, make it a little bit better."

But his partner seemed a little more defensive of the original performance.

Credit: YouTube/Brau Avitia 2

"We wanted to make a bit of a different statement," Virtue said, "and if that was bringing a certain edge or sexuality or darkness or a contemporary feeling to it, mission accomplished I guess."

Ultimately, though, the pair risked missing out on a chance in the top spot if they didn't alter the routine, so they had to change it up a bit. And it obviously paid off, as the pair walked away with a gold medal.

"I think we liked that it made a statement, and it was different and that was great for the start of the season, but for the overall vision of the program, we hope that this new position fits a little better," Virtue admitted before the final performance.

Here's the "sexy" routine in question (which you won't be seeing at the Olympics this year):

The dancing duo has had immense success together before, achieving a gold medal in the 2010 games, and a silver in last season's competition in Russia. Their win this weekend was the first gold medal for Canada during the 2018 games, quickly followed by Gabrielle Daleman's win in the team figure skating competition.

When the dancers' win was announced, Virtue shared a picture of Team Canada's celebrations with the caption, "pure joy".

So far, they are fifth in the table, with Germany currently in the lead.