Random guy gets $100,000 seat for McGregor vs. Mayweather after posing as reporter

Random guy gets $100,000 seat for McGregor vs. Mayweather after posing as reporter

It's been said many times before that, if you want to achieve something, you need to have the right attitude; and nobody embodies this frame of mind better than Simon Wilson.

Wilson, a video blogger from the UK, managed to sneak into the biggest fight of the century last month - and secured himself the best seat in the house. The sneaky 26-year-old posed as a reporter for Fox News and managed to blag his way past security by using a pass he already had for the weigh-in earlier on.

simon wilson at the mcgregor mayweather fight Credit: Daily Post

"Basically I had a ticket for the weigh in but not for the fight," Wilson said in an interview. "I thought when I get to Vegas I might see what the situation is with the tickets but when I was told the cheapest one remaining were $3,500, there was no way I was paying that kind of money."

But it turns out that Wilson didn't need $3500 - just a camera, a boom mic, and a lot of attitude. He recalls that, once he'd made it to a seat, he simply "turned the camera on and started vlogging".

And the amazing feat doesn't end there. Not only did Wilson score himself a $100,000 seat, he also nabbed himself a backstage pass.

“The security was really tight. I can’t really believe I got away with it. 99.9% of people couldn’t have done what I did," Wilson said. He also added that, "I probably could have been arrested if I was caught, but I didn’t really care, I wasn’t worried at all."

chris eubank and simon wilson Credit: Daily Post

While at the event, the cocky vlogger met the likes of Gerard Butler, Chris Eubank and - the man himself - Conor McGregor. It seems that Wilson also had the chance to meet the the MMA fighter's rival, as he added that “Mayweather was such a nice guy. When I was there I just thought, 'I belong here'."

It turns out that Wilson wasn't the only one to blag his way into the fight, however. 32-year-old Oliver Regis, another Brit, had actually spent $2,500 on a seat for the event - but found when he arrived that it was right at the top of the arena. Not content with his seat, Regis posed as a member of Mayweather's security team in order to make it to the ringside.

Like Wilson, Regis also scored himself a VIP-standard evening. "I sat down in the third row and Mike Tyson then sat down behind me," he said. "LeBron James was on my row and I could see Leonardo DiCaprio." He watched the entire fight from the tenth row before surreptitiously leaving at the end.

mcgregor and wilson Credit: Daily Post

In some final comments on the event, Wilson stated that:

“There was a few snags along the way, the biggest being in the credentials room but I just waited and waited until the right time.

“It wasn't easy but patience and persistence always wins.

“The moral of the story is that if you have the belief along with determination and not a give up attitude, anything is achievable. Persistence always wins, fact.”

So, while it's probably not always the best idea to sneak into an event full of expertly-trained fighters, Wilson's message to approach things with a confident attitude is certainly good advice. Just be careful where you use it.