The Taiwan gaming hotel is open for business

The Taiwan gaming hotel is open for business

Ah, gamers. You gotta love em. Lemme give you a history of gaming. In 1913, Vladimir Lenin invented gaming while- okay, so actually, Shigero Miyamoto invented Mario in 1981. Pong had existed since 1958, but it was the home consoles, machines like the NES, Atari, and the like that popularized it, primarily for kids. Today, games compete with movies for budgets, advertising and attention, but they had some unique cultural cache in 2014.

There was a big dust-up in the gaming community called Gamergate that totally ruined politics forever and rendered the political one-hundred percent cultural. Basically, what happened is that a campaign of harassment against women and genuine grievances against the state of games journalism got entangled into a gigantic mess that then pushed tons of gamers to the right, into arms of journalist Milo Yiannopoulos and others who used the conflict to build their public profiles.

Ever since then, cultural right-wing resentment against journalists has grown in gaming circles and the whole culture wars have been intractable ever since. basically, gamers took the fall for being the first sect of people to be swallowed by identity politics and culture wars.

Then, in 2015, Donald John Trump rose to ascendency on the wave of anti-political correctness, much of it fostered by the Gamergate movement. Did gamers create Trump? No. But Pepe the Frog and meme culture in general, conflated with harassment, are totally at the root of millennial support for Trump. And millennial gamers were not a major voting bloc, but you know, you're hearing about the alt-right and alt-lite and groups like them because of it.

SO here's this damn gaming hotel up in Taiwan. What you think?

It's called the hotel, the perfect destination for gaming couples and singles alike. Every room comes with two massive gaming computers, surely with the top specs that I don't understand, but are probably rather impressive. PC master race seems to have prevailed.

It costs around $100 per night, but you can pay $12 an hour just to come use the facilities, or $75 for 15 hours. The hotel is also five-stars, so the other amenities are quite proper. It's located outside Taipei, in the Taoyuan district, if you find yourself in Taiwan. I also believe the TVs are all 4,000 resolution. Damn. The chairs are all DXRacer gaming chairs, so they're quite comfortable.

A Chinese YouTuber named Joeman took a tour of the facility, so you can get a good grasp on it here - except the video is in Chinese. Still a good way to see a lot of the inside without forking over the cash to fly to Taiwan for it.

Gaming is great, and gamers too are not even a category of people so much as just the general population. Everyone is involved in interactive entertainment, and for good reason too. If people won't read, they can create their own stories through digital choices.

Taiwan is a small island nation, off the coast of China, and is the site of much political turmoil over China's claim to its sovereignty. Still, no reason not to enjoy a gaming holiday. If you can afford such a thing, that is. May be cheaper to buy yourself a PS4.