This teenager overslept after a late night of watching TV, and still won Olympic Gold

This teenager overslept after a late night of watching TV, and still won Olympic Gold

Normally when you sleep through your morning alarm, it's the beginning of a crappy day. You're tired, you're irritated and you probably didn't have time to shower. However, a teenager from Colorado just overslept and had the best day ever, taking home an Olympic gold medal in snowboarding. Pretty sweet. (Way to make the rest of us look bad, kid!)

17-year-old Red Gerard spent a lazy Saturday night watching TV. During an episode of the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he passed out, and didn't wake up the next morning when his alarm started blaring at 6 AM. At 6:20 AM, his roommate and teammate Kyle Mack finally wrangled him out of bed. In a rush, Red scrambled to get dressed and panicked because he couldn't find his puffy coat. With time rapidly running out, Kyle let him borrow one of his jackets. (Sounds like you really owe Kyle one, Red.)

Red competed in slopestyle snowboarding. During his three runs, he landed a switch backside 1260 a backside triple cork 1440, and a bunch of other cool spinny moves. The judges gave him a combined score of 87.16 out of 100, earning first place. Upon hearing the news, Red celebrated by yelling "Holy f--k!" Somehow, this made it past NBC censors and into the live-feed, which is pretty hilarious. But also, it's the perfect reaction. That has to be what everyone's thinking when they win a gold medal.

"I actually said going into all the contests that I'd love fourth place," joked Red, talking to reporters after the event. "But first place is better, I got to say."

At 17, Red is the youngest man to take home an Olympic gold medal in 90 years. (16-year-old Bobby Friske won the gold for bobsledding in 1928.) It's also the U.S.A.'s first gold medal at this year's Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Not bad for someone who passed out binge-watching a sitcom, and had such a rough morning. As Andy Samberg's character would say in Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "Noice."

At the bottom of the slope, Red was greeted by a group of friends and family members who were ready to celebrate. In fact, they were so ready, they started celebrating before the event even started. Red told reporters that he received a Snapchat from them at 8:30AM, and "They were all shotgunning beers on the way to the mountains." Is there anything better to have for breakfast? I like how this kid and his crew rolls.

Now Red will be returning to Colorado with an Olympic gold medal, and the prestige of being able to slip an F-word past NBC censors. He'll also receive $37,500 in prize money, which will probably go towards buying a louder alarm clock. And hopefully he buys dinner for that teammate that woke him up - if not for him, he could slept through the whole event.

Congratulations, Red! I overslept today too, but all I have to show for it are these Olympic-sized bags under my eyes.

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