Texans mascot "takes out" rival fan, leaving the crowd going absolutely wild

Texans mascot "takes out" rival fan, leaving the crowd going absolutely wild

Aside from the game itself, one of the most quintessential parts of seeing live sports is, of course, the mascot. Sure, everyone loves to have a plastic cup of beer and a hot dog with all the trimmings (pickles and mustard #4lyfe), but it's the mascot who really gets the crowd excited for the game that's about to unfold.

While it might be the job that no one wanted when auditioning for their high school football team, the mascot's job is an important one, and when they do it badly, it can be more than a little embarrassing for their team.

Case in point, this mascot who decided it would be a fantastic idea to beat up a fan from the other team. The incident involved the Houston Texans mascot Toro the bull and a Baltimore Ravens fan, who was happily minding his business and cheering on his team from the field.

1. This is the "brutal attack" Toro subjected him to: 

Okay, so there's absolutely no doubt the altercation was staged, but at least the chaotic display was between two consenting adults. The same cannot be said for the Cast Member inside the White Rabbit costume at Disneyland...

2. Check out the footage below of the employee flipping out after a 14-year-old girl pulled on his "tail".

After the assault took place, the mascot was filmed saying, "Don't you start your sh*t with me". And they call it 'the happiest place on Earth'? Thankfully, however, not all mischevious mascots are quite this violent (let's face it, no one expects to get drop kicked at a game or held down at a theme park). Some simply have fun by seriously punking fans.

3. So, without further ado, here is the glorious moment that Jazz Bear convinced one poor Cavs fan that he'd just scored a million dollar shot while blindfolded: 

But while mascots have been known to cause trouble in the midst of a game, sometimes they can be subject to it, especially if they're working at a more violent game like a wrestling match. Now, mascots are no different to us Average Joes - they have beer bellies, lanky arms and, most likely, receding hairlines, so when faced with wrestlers whose bodies consist almost entirely of muscle, they stand no chance.

4. To see 10 times mascots were brutally taken down by WWE stars, check out the video below:

Well, I don't know about you, but these mischevious mascots have made me think twice about the belief that they bring good luck. While that might have been the case for the wrestlers in the rings above, it certainly wasn't a lucky day for the mascots themselves, and let's face it, even when they're behaving badly, all it does is shock people instead of getting them excited. But there's nothing 'exciting' - at least not for the mascot - about what happened to this next mascot...

5. Colorado mascot shoots himself in the groin with a t-shirt cannon after it malfunctions

If you're ever having a bad day, just be glad you're not this particular Buffalo mascot as he somehow managed to shoot himself with a t-shirt cannon. Now, considering just how high these cannons can launch shirts, I'm going to go ahead and bet that it hurt... a lot. In fact, it was so bad the guy had to get carted off the field during Colorado’s game against New Hampshire.

And that's certainly not the extent of it! This next mascot also suffered for his art...

6. Deontay Wilder injures mascot on a sports TV show

The WBC heavyweight champion broke the jaw of a mascot after he was asked to punch him by the presenters of a Spanish language sports show called Nacion ESPN. He was there to promote his upcoming fight with Tyson Fury but unsurprisingly, this was overshadowed by the mighty punch he threw.

Oh dear. If only all incidents featuring mascots were as sweet and innocent as this next one...

7. The Oregon Duck proposes to UCLA’s mascot

During the Oregon-UCLA game, Oregon’s duck mascot made the most romantic gesture in front of the crowds! He proposed to the UCLA bear mascot on the sidelines! And it gets even better than that! After the adorable proposal, the pair were seen twerking. And they say romance is dead...

So as it turns out, not all viral incidents involving mascots ends in some guy in an animal costume being take to the Emergency Room. But let's face it, the more brutal mascot encounters are equally as entertaining!