Trans woman reveals her past during televised first date, melting viewers' hearts in the process

Trans woman reveals her past during televised first date, melting viewers' hearts in the process

First dates are always terrifying, especially if it's a blind date. What will you have to talk about? What if you have nothing in common? What if your date has terrible chat? And what if they actually turn out to be "the one"?

But imagine having a first date on national television for the whole country - nay, potentially the whole world - to see and scrutinize. Well, that's First Dates, for you.

The British reality dating show sees ordinary people from all over the country go on a first date with someone they've never met before. The couples are set up based on their personal tastes and preferences and the hope is that at the end of the date, they'll tell the viewers at home that they want to see each other again.

Well, a recent episode of the show has tugged on the heartstrings of many viewers due to the fact it highlighted a very real, yet unspoken topic in 2018. It featured, amongst other couples, a 25-year-old trans woman called Danni who went on a romantic date with 28-year-old bar manager Aiden in a fancy London restaurant.

From the outset, the date seemed promising and when she felt comfortable enough, Danni opened up about who she really was: "I am actually setting up a lingerie brand. Basically, I was very frustrated looking for lingerie," she said. "I want to make products because basically, I couldn't find anything that was made for trans women - which is me. I'm so glad I got that out of the way."

Watch the dramatic reveal in the video below, and then check out her date's reaction to the news:

Danni also went on to discuss to the show's production team just how difficult dating can be for trans people.

"You're about to tell them one thing about your history and it could change everything," she said. "Dating as a trans person is just a minefield - an absolute minefield.

"For the most part the people that date trans people are really secretive and they're really scared to be seen with somebody who is trans, and that's a really hard pill to swallow.  You just know they will see you as completely differently from one sentence."

Unsurprisingly, given just how lovely and down-to-earth Danni seemed and how gentlemanly open-minded Aiden came across, the pair melted the hearts of the nation.

On their official Twitter page, First Dates tweeted: "You're an incredible woman Danni, you've stolen our hearts, and Aiden's too by the looks of it #FirstDates"

"Danni is great and Aiden is great and they are an adorable couple," another chimed in.

However, several small-minded viewers couldn't help but find the entire situation uncomfortable and tweeted their displeasure: "I knew Danni was a man... Not fair setting up a straight man with a t****y?" one user wrote.

Nevertheless, people were quick to reply with the facts: "Actually, he didn't give a f***, plus he's not a 'straight man' as you assumed. So what's it to you? [sic]"

Ultimately, both Danni and Aiden enjoyed the date and decided they wanted to see each other again. So everyone's a winner! Love it love, and if it doesn't affect you, just let others be happy.