Woman gets the ultimate revenge when her boyfriend rejects her on 'kiss cam'

Woman gets the ultimate revenge when her boyfriend rejects her on 'kiss cam'

Whether you're at a hockey match, basketball game, or just in the audience for a television show, the rules of kiss cam are simple: if you find yourself on the big screen, you have to kiss the person next to you. Otherwise, be prepared to suffer through a loud chorus of boos from angry fans, in addition to a very uncomfortable journey home.

Allowances can be made, for example, you don't want to be seen making out with your own sister, but you can at least sacrifice a peck on the cheek, rather than let the awkward moment play out to the masses. Trust me - it's the safest option.

But ever since kiss cams have become synonymous with American sporting events, we've all witnessed our fair share of very uncomfortable moments.

Credit: Youtube / Atlanta Hawks

Sometimes the couple will simply sit there and refuse to play along. Even more awkward is when one half is far more into it than the other. And on some occasions, you'll even see a very public marriage proposal. The entire concept is certainly a risk, albeit, an endlessly entertaining one. It's a nice positive diversion from a tense game that may not be going your way.

However, the power of positivity wasn't shining through during this basketball game at the Philips Arena. The game saw the Atlanta Hawks facing off against the Brooklyn Nets, and, during half-time, the ritual kiss cam started as per usual. We cycle through a number of couples who see themselves on the big screen and turn to each other to comply with the widely-accepted rules.

Some relish in being selected by the Kiss Cam Gods, others offer polite pecks, and some just get involved for the fun of it all. But they all go with the flow without much fuss. Well, almost all of them do.

One couple soon brought the segment to a standstill when the guy showed much less enthusiasm for the playful gimmick than the woman.

Not exactly looking like a barrel of laughs in the first place, the guy was far more interested in his beer than getting off with his other half. After a few seconds, his apparent girlfriend notices they're on the kiss cam and turns to him to get a kiss for the crowds. Unfortunately, he's having none of it. Upset and embarrassed, she got quickly sought revenge...

Video: Check out the brutal moment below...

The video was put up on YouTube by the Atlanta Hawks, where it was captioned: "A man turned down a kiss from his girlfriend when the kiss cam was on them Wednesday night, so she decided to kiss someone else instead." The video has now amassed over three million views.

Credit: Twitter / @1942bs

One commenter even quipped in response: "Proving yet again, after 21, guys who wear their caps backwards never grow up. Run girl! Run!"

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However, a considerable number of the responses haven't taken the video very seriously. A number of viewers claim that the video was actually staged, with the full intention for the footage to go viral, citing the bad performance of the "actors" as the primary reason.

Credit: Youtube / Atlanta Hawks

Some even claim it's part of a campaign for Sprite, which the second man drank after he scored a kiss from the woman. Another user disagreed, saying: "I was there. It wasn't fake. My favorite part of the game!!! He walked out of the building!!!"

Regardless of what you think, the reaction of the women in the row in front is priceless...

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The shade of it all!

Take this as a warning to always comply with the rules of kiss cam. Not doing so might leave you in an awkward situation like this, suffering from a case of bad karma.

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Like I stressed before: if the camera lands on you, just kiss. It really is the safest option.