Woman labelled as a 'potato' by troll on social media complimented by the internet

Woman labelled as a 'potato' by troll on social media complimented by the internet

In the era of social media that we live in, it's all too easy to feel the pressure to fit into society's conception of what it means to be "beautiful".

Magazines, television, movies and social media continually bombard us with images of perfectly retouched models; lithe and long-limbed, they undoubtedly go to the gym twice and day and spend significant portions of their day dedicated to complex self-care and grooming rituals.

As such, it's hard to feel like we're "good enough" when we spend so much time tapping away on our phones, idealising unrealistically contoured faces and edited figures. One teen, however, led the way when it came to self-acceptance, with her response to being called a "potato" on Twitter.

19-year old Justice Jefferson saw the good, bad and ugly of the internet after she was attacked by internet trolls after posting four super cute selfies on the social media platform Twitter. Such trolls, who live in the dark corners of the World Wide Web, are always poised and ready to attack whenever they sense any vulnerability, or are certain that they'll garner an impassioned response.

But whilst there is no dearth of such internet trolls, there are also plenty of kind-hearted people who are always willing to jump in when they see someone being unfairly targeted. So when Jefferson was cruelly called a "potato", they didn't just sit there and do nothing, they sent her dozens of comments and rightfully roasted the troll.
It all began when a man reposted Jefferson's pictures with the caption ""Damn @JusticeTierney you thicc but you built like a potato."

Instead of just ignoring the troll, Jefferson clapped back saying, "when will people get that i already know i look like a potato?"

However, Jefferson's loyal following did not hesitate to attack the troll, who by this point, had spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to bring her down.

Eventually, the hater was forced to set his account to private, following the amount of grief he received. As Jefferson later tweeted, "he got tired of y'all comin for him".

Alongside destroying the troll, the people of the internet also banded together to shower Jefferson in compliments. The majority of which revolved around reassuring Jefferson that if they had to be any carb, a potato would be the one to be. One Twitter user wrote, "but....potatoes are delicious, nutritious, versatile, and beautiful, so clearly he meant that as a compliment", while another added, "no omg you're so gorgeous and your skin is flawless".

Some users, rather bizarrely, took to photoshopping Jefferson into a Milky Way bar:

In any case, it's clear that Justice Jefferson got all the love that deserved. I mean, she was seriously killing it in those photos. And thankfully for us, she even posted a follow up photo-series... and there was not a troll in sight.

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