10 Awkward things that happen during sex that no one talks about

Despite being a perfectly natural and biological process, sex can get pretty awkward at times. And whilst we're given sexual education at school, university and the like, I think we can all agree that not only was the "talk" terribly inconclusive, but it also failed to go into all of the intricacies of being sexually active, of which there are many.

Eventually, you only really end up getting to grips with doing the deed after doing it an awful lot. And before you become a so-called maestro of sexual exploration, you have to go through periods where the sex is just abominably terrible, rife with all sorts of embarrassing and awkward moments that will leave you cringing for days afterwards.

Personally, however, I think that the world would be a much better place if we were all open enough to have a little chuckle about all of the weird and sometimes downright awkward things that can happen when you're in the throes of passion. So in the spirit of transparency, here are 10 awkward things that anyone who's ever had sex has undoubtedly experienced...

1. When you realise that your walls aren't soundproof 

Personally, I think there's nothing worse than having to look your family and friends in the eye after having a cheeky rendezvous the night before, especially when you've realised that the walls are basically paper-thin.

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2. Sometimes someone accidentally walks in on you... 

I mean, nothing kills the mood faster. Bonus points if it's a family member.

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3. Falling asleep 

When you're in a long-term relationship, it becomes easier and easier to lose some of the spiciness in the relationship. And there's where falling asleep comes into play.

Now, I know that your partner wants nothing less than to take a nap mid-coitus, but sometimes you've just had a really long, tiring day and need a teeny-tiny little slumber... at the worst possible moment.

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4. When they just *lose* it 

And the defiant protests that it's never, ever happened before...

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5. When they *lose* it too fast 

Seriously, again?!

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6. When bodies just make weird noises 

Even though it's completely out of our control, you can't help but blush when your body just decides to do its own thing.

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7. When your pet walks in on you 

Have you no shame, Rover?!

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8. When that new frisky position doesn't work out as planned

While the majority of us thought that sustaining injuries whilst you're in the middle of it was just a myth, a select minority of us know that it can be a very unfortunate reality...

Sometimes it's just better to take it a little slow.

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9. Condoms can be a real struggle for some

I mean you'd think that sex education classes with their cucumbers and condoms would have made people better at keeping themselves protected, but some people really have a difficult time with the humble condom.

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10. When you get your period without any prior warning 

Oh, is there anything worse than the floodgates opening right when you're about to get down and dirty? After you've finished having a mini aneurysm regarding the fact that you're obviously dying and realise that you've just gotten your period a week early, the mood is pretty much dead anyway, isn't it?

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Well, there you have it - although you probably don't want to admit it, you know deep down that you've had one or more of these incredibly awkward sex-related things happen to you.

And so what? They've happened to us all.