11 genius tattoos used to cover up birthmarks

Whenever someone I know gets a new tattoo, my response is invariably the same; I tell them I think it looks brilliant.

Regardless of my true feelings, I simply cannot bear to be the one to inform someone that they have just made a decidedly permanent mistake, and so smile and nod appreciatively at even the most laughable of tattoo designs.

Of course, some tattoos truly are brilliant works of art deserving of applause and accreditation, while others are meaningful additions to the individual, a good example being a recently identified trend that sees people getting tattoos over the top of, or using their scars as a base.

Along similar lines, these wonderful tattoos are used to cover up, or embellish birthmarks. While no one should feel embarrassed about their birthmarks, some might feel insecure about them; these tattoos are an ingenious solution for such feelings.

 1. A life mapped out in tattoo form 

alt Credit: Facebook

2. Amazing transformation

alt Credit: Facebook

3. Turtle transformation

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4. Incredibly inventive 

alt Credit: Reddit/ DasUberSpud

5. A match made in heaven

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6. Simple yet effective 

alt Credit: Reddit/ jh89th

7. Take a bow, Mr Potato Head 

alt Credit: Reddit/ ewanavenger

8. Eagle eyed detail 

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9. Great imagination

alt Credit: Instagram

10. Genius matchstick design


11. Two carrots, one disguising a birthmark 

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