13 dads that can not be trusted to be left alone with their babies

13 dads that can not be trusted to be left alone with their babies

Having only two mindsets; feverish obsession or blithe abandon, I worry about my ability to successfully raise a child.

One the one hand, I will guard a particularly aesthetically pleasing piece of fruit with my life, petrified at the thought that someone other than myself might try to eat it. Conversely, I have been known to flood a bathroom - twice - because I had started to run a bath, got distracted, and come back 45 minutes later to a scene that made Pirates of the Caribbean seem laughably tame in comparison.

This heady mix of passionate fixation and apathetic absent mindedness, one feels certain, does not lend itself particularly well to the solemn task of parenting. Perhaps my partner would be successful in balancing out my yo-yoing tendencies, and, after seeing these dads who definitely shouldn't be trusted to look after their babies on their own, you'll be hoping that they have a similarly watchful spouse.

1. Gave up on the swaddling halfway through

Baby wrapped in swaddling

2. Less "french plaits", more "boulangerie" 

Child with bread wrapped in hair Credit: Imgur

3. I'm not sure who is looking after who here

Father and son napping together

4. Always good to keep organised 

Baby with 'baby' label on forehead

5. Taking multitasking to new heights 

Dad with child's swing on a rope while drinking beer Credit: daedelus_78

6. Best helmet ever 

Baby with watermelon hat Credit: Spycegurl

7. When you put the kids to bed, and the floor looks super comfy

Dad sleeping on the floor Credit: Imgur

8. When your kid wants a swing, you find a way

Dad stands on two chairs to make a swing

9. You can't say this dad isn't perceptive. Kiwi = tiny head

Baby's head next to a kiwi

10. Dad couldn't find the hair bobbles. So he gave me this. 

cable tie used as hair bobble

11. This is utterly terrifying

Baby with pancake as a mask Credit: TheIncredibleAtheist

12. That's going to be a super-strong kid one day

Kid pushes dad on shopping cart

13. Superbowl party prep 

Kid with shopping basket full of beer

Parenting is far from an easy gig, but these dads seem to be making it work for them the only way they know how. Good luck to them.