13 examples of textbook vandalism that will brighten your day

13 examples of textbook vandalism that will brighten your day

The trials and tribulations of life at school, though they seemed so potentially life-altering and profoundly important, were, in reality, mere drops in the ocean compared with the veritable tsunami that is adulthood.

Personally, my memories of interminable boredom in the classroom are numerous. Perhaps that is why I proved such a scourge to my teachers' patience: because my own had been worn so very thin by the incessant mundanity of it all.

In such times, misbehavior is the lifeblood to which the educationally disenchanted so desperately cleave; determined, by any means necessary, to carve through the quotidian. There were, of course, innumerable conduits to mischief in the classroom, many of which involved the exasperation of the teacher.

One of the more harmless, though, was doodling absently on one's textbook. A perfect way to while away the hours in class, textbook doodling had the added advantage of being a fairly inconspicuous leisure activity. Here are hilarious examples.

1. Now that's a band I'd pay to see live 

textbook vandalised Credit: Reddit

2. Morbid 

vandalised textbook shows woman falling over Credit: Twitter/ corenocirofa

3. This person is a genius

periodic table with the 'element of surprise' added Credit: Reddit

4. 21st century history

Credit: Twitter/ BrocubaMY

5. Now there's a textbook I'd enjoy reading

Patrick from spongebob drawn on a textbook Credit: Imgur

6. Great imagination

drawing of a woman in textbook

7. CPR as administered by a vampire

Vampire doodle in textbook

8. Like one of those books where you decide what happens next

Textbook flip story Credit: Imgur

9. Morbid

Textbook drawing shows a man with a magnifying glass

10. Who needs storage disks when you've got a t-rex?

A t-rex drawn on a textbook

11. This textbook just got a lot more readable 

Credit: Wordex

12. And next up to the plate...

13. I think we can all relate to this

13 examples there of how to alleviate the day-t-day struggles of trying to concentrate in class. Of course, you could throw all caution to the wind and actually, you know, learn something. Stranger things have happened.