13 times things other than people showed us how to pose on Instagram

13 times things other than people showed us how to pose on Instagram

The combination of Instagram's popularity and the commercial interests of brands has seen the birth of a special generation people on the platform. These people call themselves ~influencers~ and they make enough money promoting products on Instagram to consider it their livelihood. Brands love throwing money at influencers, who appear to have an authentic band of followers and their own unique style of content.

But funnily enough, it's easy to see trends emerge in the style of photos between influencers of the fashion, lifestyle and travel industries. We see a lot of "candid" view-gazing shots, serene seated postures, and plenty of cheeky bikini poses. Like with any kind of trend, these template Instagram poses have spread to be adopted by the regular folk of the Instagram community too.

Also showing us how it's done is a surprisingly diverse group of animals and things that aren't human. Here are 13 things other than people showing us how to pose on Instagram:

1. Radishes

This daikon radish shows us how to look suave while simultaneously flaunting curves and long limbs.

sexy turnip Credit: Tumblr

2. Iguanas

Here's another good rendition of a candid-but-sexy pose:

lizard iguana posing couch Credit: Tumblr

And how to pose with the squad:

squad lizard iguana posing couch Credit: Tumblr

3. Monkeys

This over-the-shoulder gaze combined with a wide stance, a tucked tush, and an arm thrown in the air for good measure makes for a nice and sassy look that elongates the look of limbs.

money pose posing like human sassy Credit: Imgur

Monkey instagram girl Credit: Instagram

4. Dogs

This casual, arm-slung-over-some-furniture pose makes you seem really laid back and ready to go with the flow.

dog sitting like man Credit: Tumblr

You can't go to brunch with the girls and not Instagram it. Here's how it's done:

gal pals cafe dogs Credit: Tumblr

And here's a good example of a #wineoclock pose like it's no big deal:

dog sitting with wine on couch Credit: Instagram

5. Pears

The combination of a good angle and "tactical" cropping will give you saucy bikini butt pic (if that's your thing) that won't get your account suspended from Instagram.

sexy pear Credit: Instagram

6. Kangaroos

Here's one for the boys. A low angle, a neutral outward-gazing expression and a casual flex of the muscles maximise masculinity.

kangaroo flex Credit: Instagram

But let's avoid any kind of this erm... "exhibitionism": :

7. Carrots

What is it with root vegetables? Here's a nice idea of how to stand when you want to show off someone else's baby (or your own).

Credit: Pinterest

And the classic "I'm in the bath sooo relaxed and here's a sultry-but-safe pic to show you".

Credit: Pinterest

8. Cats

If you're more into keeping things modest, here's a seated position to say "I'm humble, but I still know I'm cute".

Credit: Tumblr

Another one for when you just want to show that you're keeping it real.

Credit: Instagram

And now for a lying down selfie, usually executed on a couch or bed, with eyes big, face fresh, and maybe a cheeky P-face to boot.

Credit: Pinterest

9. Rocks

Here's a nice shot of how to take a majestic photo of your profile.

Credit: Pinterest

And another sexy beach pose.

sexy pose on beach stones Credit: Instagram

10. Mice

This field mouse provides an A+ example of how to pose with a fresh bouquet after visiting your local weekend flower market.

field mouse how to pose with flowers Credit: Tumblr

11. Bears

Here's another idea for a chill weekend Instagram post to update everyone of what you're up to.

Credit: Instagram

12. Trees

Or if you're going out, observe how to capture an image of grace on the dance-floor.

Credit: Pinterest

And if you're wearing an outfit that really emphasises your assets, here's a bold way to make people notice. It's not exactly discreet, but maybe that's your thing.

Credit: Pinterest

13. Ducks

This guy really shows us how it's done. Cute expression (bonus points for the subtle hand-over-face), sensual body language without being explicit, and overall a very natural looking pose.

Credit: Tumblr

So take note, study each pose carefully, and use this list as a beginner's guide to posing as an Instagram model.

The trick to posing like an influencer is all in the accidentally-sexy way you position your body, and capturing a candid expression on your face. Plus it usually involves a sunrise photoshoot, serious camera equipment, a heavy editing session and sorting through hundreds of the same shot where most of them probably look like this.

Good luck folks!