14 of the best tattoo fails you've ever seen

Tattoos are never something you should rush into. You've got to consider your design, your artist, and (most importantly) whether it's actually a good idea to permanently etch something into your skin or not. Judging by some 'artwork' I've seen, I'm fairly certain that there are a number people out there who don't think about any of the above for more than a second... if at all.

What's more, if getting these terrible tattoos wasn't a huge mistake on its own, some folks will go a step further by allowing photographic evidence of the monstrosities to enter into the world wide web. And, yes, you guessed it, there's a list of them right here.

So grab a seat, get out your popcorn, and take a look at some of these awful choices.


I can only assume that this person had never seen a tattoo before they got this. Or a dictionary.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

2. Gonna look good

No it isn't.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

3. Why So Serious?(

Maybe if this person had taken their tattoo more seriously, it wouldn't have turned out so amazingly bad.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

4. Superman

Or just a super big mistake.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

5. Slam dunk

Ok, this one is actually pretty neat.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

6. Tank body

I get it... but why?

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

7. Mowing The lawn

I respect this guy's commitment to the joke.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

8. Never don't give up

Always do check your double negatives.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

9. Rules

Shame God couldn't have given this person a hand with their spelling.

bad tattoo Credit: Reddit

10. Portrait

Kill it with fire.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

11. I love him...

Til death do us boil?

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

12. Never A Failure

I hate to break it to this person, but that apostrophe is, in fact, a failure.

never a failure Credit: Reddit

13. "Heart With Wings"

This tattoo's only saving grace is that you might be able to cover it.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

14. Handiwork

Fingers, sausages, or deflated modelling balloons?

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

There's some truly bad decisions here, so if you're considering getting a tattoo, just make sure it doesn't look anything like these.