14 of the best tattoo fails you've ever seen

14 of the best tattoo fails you've ever seen

Tattoos are never something you should rush into. You've got to consider your design, your artist, and (most importantly) whether it's actually a good idea to permanently etch something into your skin or not. Judging by some 'artwork' I've seen, I'm fairly certain that there are a number people out there who don't think about any of the above for more than a second... if at all.

What's more, if getting these terrible tattoos wasn't a huge mistake on its own, some folks will go a step further by allowing photographic evidence of the monstrosities to enter into the world wide web. And, yes, you guessed it, there's a list of them right here.

So grab a seat, get out your popcorn, and take a look at some of these awful choices.


I can only assume that this person had never seen a tattoo before they got this. Or a dictionary.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

2. Gonna look good

No it isn't.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

3. Why So Serious?(

Maybe if this person had taken their tattoo more seriously, it wouldn't have turned out so amazingly bad.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

4. Superman

Or just a super big mistake.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

5. Slam dunk

Ok, this one is actually pretty neat.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

6. Tank body

I get it... but why?

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

7. Mowing The lawn

I respect this guy's commitment to the joke.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

8. Never don't give up

Always do check your double negatives.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

9. Rules

Shame God couldn't have given this person a hand with their spelling.

bad tattoo Credit: Reddit

10. Portrait

Kill it with fire.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

11. I love him...

Til death do us boil?

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

12. Never A Failure

I hate to break it to this person, but that apostrophe is, in fact, a failure.

never a failure Credit: Reddit

13. "Heart With Wings"

This tattoo's only saving grace is that you might be able to cover it.

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

14. Handiwork

Fingers, sausages, or deflated modelling balloons?

Bad Tattoo Credit: Reddit

There's some truly bad decisions here, so if you're considering getting a tattoo, just make sure it doesn't look anything like these.