14 things you won't believe are turning 20 in 2018

14 things you won't believe are turning 20 in 2018

Time moves fast and it can sometimes be tough to keep up with how quickly things seem to be moving and developing in the modern world. Whether it's new technologies, medical breakthroughs or even developments in nuclear weaponry and arsenals, the world is an ever-changing landscape.

However, when you're living through these times, it can be difficult to notice how much things have changed. Such is the nature of the modern lifestyle, it's rare that we sit back and take stock of just how far we have come and how drastically things have developed.

So, in light of this, we compiled a list of things that are turning 20 in 2018 and in all honesty, you're about to feel very old.

1. Google

Imagine a world without Google, it seems pretty incomprehensible, right? Well, 20 years ago this was the horrific reality people were living in. Lord knows what they did when they wanted to convince themselves that they had cancer when really they had a common cold.

Google homepage Credit: Bogoscoped.com

2. The iMac

Once upon a time, people weren't obsessed with Apple. In our current climate, Apple can release literally anything and people will buy it. However, 20 years ago, the company released the first iMac and changed the tech game forever.

3. Dawson's Creek 

Dawson's Creek, the teen drama that stole the heart of millions of people, is now 20 years old. While some of our younger readers may not see the importance of the show, put it this way; if it wasn't for Dawson's Creek, there would be no The OC, Gossip Girl or even One Tree Hill.

4.  Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone

The US always has to do things there own way, right? They don't speak English, instead, they opt for American English. It turns out they're just as particular when it comes to Harry Potter books as well. Not just content with changing the name from Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone, they were also a year late to the party, only getting their hands on the iconic book in 1998. SAD!


5. Furby 

Some people think Furbys are cute, I think they're f**king terrifying. Whatever your view on these creepy little owl-like monsters, they're twenty-years-old this year. Happy birthday, Furby - you weird little freak.

6. 'Baby One More Time'

I'm not sure which stat is weirder: the fact that 'Baby One More Time' is 20 years-old, or that Britney is only 36!? I mean, seriously, it feels like she should be at least 45 by now, right? But yes, this absolute classic karaoke tune is now 20-years-old, but still fills dancefloors even to this day.

7. There's Something About Mary

This romantic comedy made us all laugh and wince in 1998. Arguably the two most iconic scenes feature low-level humour, with Ben Stiller trapping his foreskin and Cameron Diaz having Semen in her hair being the most memorable. However, it was one of the highest grossing comedies that year and will go down as some of Stiller's finest work.

8. Holes

If you're in your early or mid-twenties, it's likely that Holes was the book that got you into reading. I personally remember sitting down to read Holes and not putting it down until I had finished it. While the movie adaption feature actor-cum-motivational speaker Shia Lebouf wasn't great, Louis Sachar's novel will go down as a cult classic.

9. Sex and the City

20 years ago we were all introduced to, well, sex and the city. The show was like anything else in the sense that it celebrated female empowerment, sexuality and friendship. Be honest gals (and even guys), we all want a clique like this lot.

10. Game Boy Color

While The Game Boy was revolutionary in its own right, The Game Boy Color was one of the most iconic pieces of technology to come out of the 1990's. The handheld console turns 20 this year and if you ask me, it walks all over the PSP and Nintendo Switch.

11. Baby Bottle Pop

Before the days of everyone being health-obsessed, we had candy that really should've been illegal. Baby Bottle Pop was essentially just sugar in a bottle that would send you completely mental. While the drinkers of this sensational beverage have gone on to take recreational drugs on a night out, they could undoubtedly get the same rush out of one of these bad boys.

12. Armageddon

This movie had it all: Astronauts, explosions, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and the best soundtrack of all time (lol, one song really). Armageddon will go down as one of the greatest blockbusters of all time, and in 'I don't want to miss a thing', it had one of the best title tracks ever recorded. Do not try and argue with me about that.

 13. The MPMan

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. In 1998, the MPMan arrived like a spaceship and offered up the first mass-produced portable solid state digital audio player. Basically, this was the first MP3 player and paved the way for what was to come.

Credit: paxholley

14. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

1998 saw one of the most iconic and hilarious Presidential speeches of all time. In December, Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for perjury and the obstruction of justice. While he initially denied his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he later admitted that he had partaken in an inappropriate relationship with his intern. What followed was Clinton becoming to butt of a lot of jokes and also being impeached.

So there we have it, 20 things that are turning 20 in 2018. Feel old yet?