15 people reveal what it was like to hide their relationship from the world

15 people reveal what it was like to hide their relationship from the world

In the words of an age-old children's rhyme, in some relationships, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. When we were growing up, receiving our very first kisses and staging fake wedding ceremonies on the school playground, this rhyme seemed like the way life was meant to go. However, if there's one thing that getting older teaches you, it's that relationships don't always pan out the way you thought they would.

While many romances out there run smoothly, other people in couples are forced to hide their love and devotion from the eyes of the world - and it's certainly no picnic. Whisper tracked down 15 of these very couples, who shared the trauma of concealing their partners from their loved ones. Reading their stories, we can only hope that we never have to be in the same position.

1. Someone needs to tell this person that looks aren't everything

Ashamed boyfriend isn't gorgeous Credit: Whisper

2. Every girl likes a bad boy

Bad kid boyfriend Credit: Whisper

3. Parents are the worst people to have to lie to

Parents don't like him Credit: Whisper

4. Age isn't everything - but it is when your parents are involved

Age gap Credit: Whisper

5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Doesn't live in state Credit: Whisper

6. Someone is creating a web of lies here

Boyfriend is black Credit: Whisper

7. There's keeping to yourself, and then there's this

Keep to myself Credit: Whisper

8. No #relationshipgoals for these guys

Best friend gets mad Credit: Whisper

9. Someone's family needs to be taught a lesson

Hide him because of race Credit: Whisper

10. We've all bundled a partner into the closet at one point or another

Hide in closet Credit: Whisper

11. Toilet, WWE title belt, makes no difference really...

Peed on WWE belt Credit: Whisper

12. Do friends know best?

Think I can do better Credit: Whisper

13. Overprotective parents are the worst

I'm 17 Credit: Whisper

14. Hand up who thinks she should tell her mum

I'm a lesbian Credit: Whisper

15. Manners don't cost a thing 

Rude parents Credit: Whisper

So, although hiding a relationship sounds fun and passionate, these stories show that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Being able to tell the world about your love is truly the best thing that you can hope to do.