15 People who will have deep regrets over their decision to shop online

15 People who will have deep regrets over their decision to shop online

By this point, pretty much everyone shops online. I still haven't ventured into buying clothes online yet, but when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents it's always far easier to search and click than go out into the hustle and bustle of high street shops.

While most of the time this process is efficient, helpful, and ultimately successful, some people don't fare so well. In fact, people have shared their worst online shopping regrets - and it's hard not to laugh at their misfortune.

1. Look a little closer

Credit: Tumblr / rraccoons

2. Not what he was expecting

Credit: Facebook / Jeremy Priola

3. Is this a chair for ants?

4. This boyfriend printed his face onto a pillow for his girlfriend...

Credit: Reddit / locky95

5. This is ridiculous

Credit: Reddit / adoringly

6. No hoes here

7. Who would want this?

8. Not as advertised

Credit: Reddit / whoaaintitfun

9. Oh. My. God.

10. Not to scale

Credit: Facebook / Anna Ridduan

11. Enough to put you off

12. A little threadbare

13. When you get custom image hats

Credit: Reddit / jumja

14. Does this count as a lie?

Credit: Reddit / VahsekYT

15. Sending the wrong message

Credit: Reddit / Epiconnor

We've all had times where the item we have ordered didn't quite meet our expectations, but I've never had something as bad as the above atrocities. It might be worth keeping that 'racism' hoodie for lazy Sundays indoors, as I'm betting it wouldn't go down too well in public.