15 of the pettiest people to ever walk planet Earth

15 of the pettiest people to ever walk planet Earth

You have probably been advised many times in your life to turn the other cheek.

After all, what is to be gained by matching immature behaviour with an equally childish response? As we get older, most of us grow out of the juvenile mores of our younger selves, though this is not exclusively the case; people of all ages are capable of being ridiculously petty when they put their minds to it.

Whether sick of some particularly irritating co-worker, or delivering the perfect Twitter clap-back, really, we should celebrate pettiness as an art form. If we did, these people would surely be considered the auteurs of their medium, as they are possibly the most petty people to ever walk the Earth.

1. Poetic justice 

2. Utterly brutal 

3. I think you've made your point 

4. Looks delicious 

5. Here, I made it especially for you 

6. I love that they took the time to do this 

Credit: Twitter

7. Just to be clear 

8. Elsie has had enough

9. People deal with breakups in strange ways 

10. They've had that drawing ready for the day that someone parked badly 

11. When you're just sick of people stealing food 

12. When you still like the picture, but not the person 

13. That ceiling can never be clean enough 

14. This cat knows no master 

Credit: Twitter

15. He's an evil genius 

I think there's something to be learned from each of these most petty of individuals. Bow down to the masters of the long game, the subtle put down, the passive aggressive move. It truly is art.