15 pictures of mothers who look the exact same age as their daughters

15 pictures of mothers who look the exact same age as their daughters

Ageing is a tough reality that all of us have to face.

When we are young, the idea of being grown up is an intoxicating one, blithely unaware as we are of all the crippling debt, pressure and responsibilities that make being an adult so exhausting. Perhaps that is why ageing affects us so visibly, the mere act of living is so exhausting that retaining any visage of youth upon our complexion is a losing battle barely worth fighting.

But fight we do, with endless anti-wrinkle creams and gallons of water hoping somehow to flood out the effects of ageing, perhaps. In the spirit of remaning eternally young, then, here are some pictures of mothers who appear to all intents and purposes the same age as their daughters.

1. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon with her daughter Credit: Instagram/ Reese Witherspoon

2. Spot the mom (she's in the middle)

Mom with two daughters

3. Like mother like daughter

Mom and daughter Credit: Instagram

4. Mom and her two twins. (She's on the left). 

Mom with twins Credit: Twitter

5. Literally could be sisters 

Mom and daughter Credit: Instagram

6. Mom on the right, with her four daughters

Mom and four daughters Credit: Facebook

7. Mom and daughter or identical twins?

Mom and daughter smiling Credit: Instagram

8. Who's who?

Mom and daughter pose for selfie Credit: Instagram

9. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree 

Mom and daughter Twitter/ B4U

10. Same glasses, same top, same face

Mom and daughter in identical outfits Credit: Instagram

11. This just gets more and more confusing

Mom and daughter smiling

12. They've got the same pose down to a tee

Mom and daughter pose Credit: Instagram

13. Fitness trainer with her daughters 

Mom and her three daughters Credit: Instagram

14. "27 years ago this amazing Mama gave birth to me and now I get to be in campaigns with her!"

Mom and daughter models Credit: Instagram/ amberlebonofficial

15. Christie Brinkley (63) with her daughters 

Credit: Instagram/ christiebrinkley

15 mothers there who are absolutely crushing it and somehow defying the odds to look amazingly youthful even after having had children. We salute you!