15 of the most ridiculous rules parents have ever created

15 of the most ridiculous rules parents have ever created

As I've gotten older and have looked back on my childhood years, I've come to realise I was lucky to have parents like mine. Sure, there were plenty of times when I felt like they were being unfair, or that I was treated too much like a kid, but on average the rules kind of made sense. After all, not being allowed to play Grand Theft Auto like my other friends made it that much better when I was old enough to buy it myself (and when I used to sneakily play it around my mate's house).

Looking around, there were always friends of mine that even as a kid I understood had parents that were far too lenient or strict. Now, with the power of the internet we can ask around and find out about all the ridiculous rules strict parents forced upon their children, and how they feel about it now that they've grown up.

1. Plenty to complain about

"Not allowed to leave the house without being an accompanied by an adult even in late teens.

Not allowed to use a steak knife and mom had to cut the meat.

Not allowed to use a can opener.

Not allowed to use the stove, deep fryer, or oven even during late teens.

I think that's everything about my childhood."

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2. Counter-productive for sure

"My cousin was not allowed to drink water half an hour before and after dinner. She was also not allowed to drink water while eating dinner.

The reason for this: it would slow down digestion and cause stomach/colon cancer. What?"

3. Umm... what?

"Not allowed to watch someone cook meat."

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4. "Damn you Disney radio"

"You're only allowed to listen to Disney radio because all other music will make you violent. This was said all the time to my best friends nephew. He grew up to be in 1 of the biggest motorcycle 'clubs' in California. Damn you Disney radio."

5. Growing up in a criminal family?

"There was a family we knew growing up where "Batman" was a bad word. Never understood that one."

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6. Low bar for bad language

"I worked at summer camps for a lot of years. You meet a lot of different folks with some interesting ideas of what is and isn't appropriate. One time, a concerned mom came up to me at the end of the day and asked if she could have a word.

"I'm concerned about some of the language I've heard the other kids using," she said. "I'm wondering why you aren't doing anything about it." I assured her that we do have a camp-appropriate language policy, and that we enforce it. I asked her what she had heard.

She told me she overheard one of the kids saying that something or other was "stupid." She described it with the discomfort a normal person might exhibit when they catch a "fuck" or "cunt." She was genuinely scandalized that a group of 6-11 year old kids called things stupid.

I have quite a few crazy PC parent stories, but... I just can't wrap my head around a woman in her middle 30s who considers the word "stupid" to be a profanity. There are parents these days who seriously try to protect their kids from any expression of negativity or disdain directed at anyone or anything. Baffling."

7. Food is a choking hazard

"My SO's son wasn't allowed to eat Snickers bars until the age of about 11 because of nuts. He isn't allergic to nuts she just didn't want him to eat them because he might choke. His Mother has a lot of rules but this is the one I remember most."

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8. Family first

"Not allowed in a car with anyone who isn't family. To clarify I asked her if her family could possibly give me a ride home from school since my house was the way for them and she was getting a ride home. They said no, because they don't want anyone whose not family in the car. Then she was stuck and I offered her a ride, she said she'd ask her parents. She called and they said no because I'm not family."

9. This just makes me want watch again

"My sister is a helicopter parent who says her children can't watch Spongebob because it "challenges the sanctity of gender roles.""

10. Missed out on a great movie

"A fifth grader wasn't allowed to watch WALL-E because their parents didn't believe in global warming"

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11. All in one bed

"Sleep alone... They're worried that they will get separation anxiety if they put them to bed alone at night, so the parents sleep with their two kids every night. The kids are a little older now - one 4 and one 6 - so now the parents are each sleeping with one kid in separate beds.

As some constructive criticism, I asked if maybe on the flip side the kids will be dependent on their parents sleeping with them when they're say 12 or 13 years old?? They didn't want to hear it.

In my opinion, this is bad for the kids and bad for marriage.

Also, I can't imagine when/where they have sex? I won't ask about that part."

12. Arrested development

"I knew this mom who would put a diaper on her kid and have him shit his pants rather than use a public toilet.

Edit: I probably should have added that this kid was probably about 8 years old."

13. No devil music

"I had extremely religious neighbors in middle school who were part of the car pool that took all the kids in the neighborhood to school - one morning I got in their car, and was promptly asked by the mom to remove my jean jacket because it had a newly sewn-on Led Zeppelin patch on it, and their children were not allowed to "be around devil music".

Mind you I wasn't playing any music, and the patch was just the band's logo (how they even knew who Led Zeppelin was is beyond me), but that was enough to qualify for possibly polluting their perfect little brood's delicate sensibilities. It was like living next to a real-life Flanders family."

14. An unwanted chaperone

"My mother didn't let me walk to the bus stop alone until I was in my senior year of high school."

15. So no movies?

"Not allowed to watch rated G movies"

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This entire Reddit thread was full of stories of absurdly strict parents. Some of them are just nuts and all of them are at least a little bit stupid. Imagine how shocked the mother who thought "stupid" was a curse word would be if she ever sat down to watch a Quentin Tarantino movie...