15 secret gross things most girls do but never openly talk about

15 secret gross things most girls do but never openly talk about

There's no denying that all of us ladies have classified grooming routines that we practice in the privacy of our own homes. No, I'm not talking about the ones we all gossip about in the little girl's room, I'm speaking about all the gross things that most of us do in private but would never dare to admit in public - or even to our closest girlfriends.

You know the ones. Like when you drop food down your cleavage, but then eat it anyway. Or when you take a tampon out and have a mini-investigation to see what was going on down there. Don't lie, I know you probably do it. Fear of judgment is a formidable force that normally leads us to keep our mouths tightly padlocked shut. However it's a non-judgment zone here, so let's have a natter about the nasty things we all get up to when the door is bolted shut.

1. Keeping a tampon in for quite a bit longer than you were supposed to

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It goes without saying but no girl enjoys being on her period. It's painful, it's messy and it can prevent you from doing all the things you enjoy (ahem, sex). It can also have the effect of zapping quite a bit of energy out of you. That's pretty lame because that's energy that could have been spent on trips to the ladies' room.

Out of sheer laziness (or possibly because it just slipped your mind), you might just neglect to change your tampon and leave it in for far too long.

Now, I don't think I need to tell you how sensitive your lady bits are, but this can cause all kinds of nasty infections. Yeah, so don't leave your tampon in longer than 12 hours...

2. Forgetting to shave your toes

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When summer hits and it's hot enough to start wearing skirts and dresses, most women will recognize that the time has come for us to take our razors and shed our hairy winter legs. However, we've all made the error of teaming our summer dresses with a cute pair of sandals and then realizing that we forgot to shave our toes! Dying!

3. Or your upper lip

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Men may not understand, but 99% of us gals out there know that facial hair is a very real problem for us ladies too. Sideburns, chin hairs, and the ol' reliable mustache. Some of us bleach them, others shave them, and some of us will spend 100s of dollars on gadgets that promise to get rid of them for months on end. Either way, there's nothing worse than kissing a guy and realizing that your top lip is hairier than his!

4. Checking out your tampon after it's been inside you

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Okay, it is gross - but we all do it! There's nothing weird about it, in fact, it's probably a good thing that our own disgusting curiosity takes over because it means we're making sure everything looks okay and that everything is working as it should down there...

5. Realizing that “blood” is a pretty weak description of what a period actually is

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Oh, it's just blood? Because what it actually felt like was a bubbling cauldron of lava stewing in my abdomen for the past seven days. Seriously, men are grossed out by the fact we bleed every month? Imagine if they found out the reality is much, much worse.

6. Running your fingers through your pubes, but not in a sexual way

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Picture this: you're lying on the couch - possibly binge-watching your new favorite series - and you're entirely on your own. It doesn't get any comfier than that right? You may not be feeling especially turned on, but you just can't help yourself from sneaking your hand inside your panties and running it through the pubes you haven't bothered to shave yet.

7. Having special scissors for trimming yourself

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There is nothing worse than having all your family over for a meal, and whilst you're all watching television after having stuffed your faces with pizza, you turn to see your boyfriend's grandma cutting a loose thread from her sweater with the scissors you have specifically sidelined for your pubes. Yep, that actually happened.

8. Never washing our bras

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Every single woman out there is guilty of this. God forbid someone smells one of our boob jails because they're more than likely to KO. We all have a bra that we love and we will wear it every day without fail until the pong gets too much for even us to handle.

9. Looking in the toilet

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This is just as important as inspecting a tampon. Us ladies are unfortunately very prone to problems like UTIs, and when you're nervously waiting on a visit from Aunty Flow, looking into the pan can help you breathe a sigh of relief.

10. Smelling your own farts

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As ladies, we are expected to behave in a, well, ladylike manner. And that means refraining from farting when you have company. So when you're entirely on your own, it can be a huge relief to just let it rip without feeling so much as an ounce of shame. You almost revel in the smell of your own fart - for it is the not-so-sweet smell of freedom.

11. Smelling yourself when you haven't showered

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Sometimes a little self-awareness can go a long way. It's certainly gross to get caught doing it, but if you are really starting to pong, then it's probably best to make sure you know about it before anyone else. (What's even worse is smelling yourself, knowing it's bad, and enjoying the fact you did it anyway.)

12. Bursting zits

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There's still nothing that's more pleasurable to pass the time that bursting spots. Whiteheads or blackheads - I don't care. And If I'm all out, then I'm jumping on my boyfriend and popping his.

13. Dropping food down your cleavage

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I'm personally not "big" enough to have this be a real problem, but I swear I once saw a busty friend of mine pull a whole bagel out of her cleavage. And when it's a hot day, and it's sweaty down there - just, no.

14. And then eating it anyway

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Oh, yeah! Well, don't waste it! I'm not crazy.

15. Let our pubes grow wild and free

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Don't fancy having sex? Ditch your razor. Unless having a full bush is your thing (which is totally okay despite what adult movies suggest), you're less likely to get down and dirty when your hoo-ha isn't looking its best.

So do you feel better now that we've all admitted our distasteful pastimes together? I personally think there's no shame in any of them. At the end of the day, it's all natural and us ladies can have hairy toes, heavy periods and eat food from our bras whenever we feel like it.