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19 wise words that all women can relate to

When you're having a bad day or just want to tell someone about the bomb pancakes you just made, you've always got the girls to turn to. And when that fails, at least the wise words of the World Wide Web are there for you. (Just kidding: only a fraction of the internet contains content that can actually be considered "wise").

We've all got our own real-life issues and petty disputes, and to help us deal with those we often turn to stories, quotes and images. So to inspire and support you – and just to help you just deal with the world in general – here are 19 wise words that all of us women can relate to:

1. Believe in yourself

I mean, you believed he had flying reindeer and a magical elf army.

2. Even if you don't really know exactly ~who~ you are

I don't really think anyone does, tbh.

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3. Don't forget about Karma


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4. Be financially responsible

This means knowing where to draw your limits.

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 5. Look after yourself

Never question the importance of your beauty sleep.


6. Create your own happiness

And stop comparing yourself to others.

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7. Treat yo' self

The wise words of Donna Meagle.

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8. But remember to be good to your body

It can even feel pretty virtuous to work out.

9. Be nice

Love and support everyone and their selfies.

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10. But stay picky

Don't compromise or settle for anything less than you deserve.


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11. Do things for people only because you want to

And hopefully they'll appreciate you for that.

12. But remember to appreciate others back

It's the little things that count.

13. Be willing to say "I'm sorry"

Everyone stuffs up once in a while.

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14. Because you can be a bit shit sometimes

No judgements, we've all been there.

15. Don't let others get you down

Well said, Hillary, well said.

16. Don't put up with insults

They're probably just a little bit fragile themselves.

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17. Do focus on your own success

Revenge is a waste of time.

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18. Celebrate often

Go hard or go home.

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19. And remember your superpower

That no-one is quite like you, and that's amazing.

Although everyone is unique, no-one is really alone. We can all relate to these things in one way or another, and that's pretty lovely.