20 People with unfortunate names that ruined their lives forever

20 People with unfortunate names that ruined their lives forever

The great playwright William Shakespeare once asked, "What's in a name?", to which anyone with a regular title might respond, "not a lot, mate". However, for the "Jack Hoff's", "Ben Dover's" and "Randy Mann's" of the world, the answer is probably very different.

When naming a child, parents should consider the true gravity of the situation, and understand that however they brand their kid will most likely stick with them for their entire life. Evidently, though, not all of them do, as this list demonstrates...

1. This kid better have siblings called 'Retweet' and 'Blue Tick'

baby called hashtag Credit: Twitter

2. Burn, baby, burn

fireman les mcburney Credit: Reddit

3. You're called what?

mike litoris Credit: Imgur

4. Best friends with Robin Banks, of course

man called batman Credit: Imgur

5. Good luck buddy

oliver loser Credit: Reddit

6. Born on May the 4th

jed i knight Credit: Imgur

7. Judge of what, exactly?

willie stroker Credit: Reddit

8. Must be cool to have your own theme tune though

Jurassic Park Credit: Funny Junk

9. Was he an immaculate conception?

jesus condom Credit: Imgur

10. He should probably leave

dick assman is here Credit: Imgur

11. Would've been better if his first name started with 'T'

p.ennis Credit: Imgur

12. Nominative determinism has taught me I should avoid Wendy

wendy wacko Credit: Imgure

13. Ok, this guy one-ups the other Batman

Kid called batman Credit: Reddit

14. He's got a cousin called Jack Daniels

bud light Credit: Imgur

15. I wasn't kidding

jack daniels Credit: Reddit

16. Otherwise known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

voldemort Credit: Reddit

17. He was literally born for this job

matthew correspondent Credit: Imgur

18. Her parents knew what they were doing

crystal meth Credit: Imgur

19. Nobody will ever believe this guy if he tries to book a restaurant table

justin beiber Credit: Reddit

20. There's more than one of him!

mike litoris 2 Credit: Imgur

Some of these are definitely worse than others, but I'll take my boring name over all of them. If you're ever tasked with the duty of naming a child, try and remember these horrific examples of what not to do, or prepare to suffer the consequences of having a kid named Voldemort.