Angry dad takes revenge on negligent babysitter who fell asleep on the job

Parenting can be fulfilling and rewarding, but it's so challenging sometimes that you're well entitled to a break. If they're available, you can always reacquaint your children with their grandparents, but in the event they're not there, it's also worth investing a little bit of cash to pay someone to take care of your kids for a little while.

Your average babysitter gets paid around eight pounds an hour, and with that sum you'd hope they'd look after your kids with the same enthusiasm (if not experience) that you bring to your offspring most days.

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One dad found that out when he left his children with a babysitter who fell asleep on the job, and he decided to teach her a lesson.

Heading out to work that morning, Christopher left his children with Sarah, a babysitter he'd paid to watch over them while he and his wife went about their respective days. Returning unexpectedly to retrieve some documents he'd left at home, he came across his babysitter asleep.

Christopher could have woken her up and given her a warning, he could have sent her home in disgrace, but instead, the irate father decided to teach the snoozing childminder a lesson. Christopher simply took his kids out of the house with him, and waited to see how exactly Sarah would react.

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Two hours later, he received contact from Sarah. We're not sure if she'd been asleep the entire time or had frantically torn the house apart looking for the children under her care, but she called him several times. Christopher allowed the call to go to voicemail a few times, before he finally answered her.

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Initially, Christopher plays coy as he waits for Sarah to explain the situation to him, but it takes far too long for the careless childminder to admit that she's got no idea where Christopher's children are. After a few texts back and forth, however, Sarah finally caves, saying she's called the police and they gave her some advice.

When Christopher presses her on the details, however, she says they "didn't respond".

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Eventually, Christopher decides he's had enough of the charade, and he tells her that he actually took the children out two hours ago. He informs the sitter that she's fired, before threatening her with legal action if she doesn't leave his home immediately.

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Raising a kid is hard enough without being constantly exhausted, and taking a break every once in a while is paramount to ensuring you're in top form to give your sons and daughters the best upbringing possible. While some may argue with Christopher's methods, it's extremely important to keep an eye on children at all times.

Sarah forgot that golden rule, and as a result, she's going to have to find new employment. This irate father will surely have to get a babysitter for next time, but it sure won't be Sarah. Meanwhile, this young lady will have learned an important lesson about responsibility.