Body modification enthusiast risks permanent blindness getting her eyeballs tattooed

Body modification enthusiast risks permanent blindness getting her eyeballs tattooed

There are very few people in this world that are 100% satisfied with the way they look. It's sort of just human nature. But most of us will struggle on and try to accept our bodies for what they are. Others, however, will seek various cosmetic procedures in order to change their appearance.

Typically, women will opt for procedures like breast enlargement, butt implants, or lip fillers. However, there is a growing number of people who are seeking more unconventional procedures, known as body modifications.

So what exactly is a body modification? Well, on a very basic level, it's anything you do to your body to greatly change its natural appearance. Body mods usually range from piercings and tattoos to injections and implants, and they're often pretty risky.

And as far as risky procedures go, getting your eyeball tattooed is certainly up there. Not that that swayed 32-year-old Sara Night against it.

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Yep, the body mod enthusiast tattooed her eyeballs so they would be a permanently purple-blue color. Before this procedure, she already had tattoos covering about 70 percent of her body. And it doesn't end there - she even has a forked, snake-like tongue, which she had surgically split.

Take a look at this vid of Sara giving us a flash of her forked tongue:

Sara, of Forest Gate, north-east London said: “My natural eye color is dark blue, but I always used to wear contacts to change it.

“I read about eyeball tattoos online and thought that, artistically, they looked amazing. It took me a long time to make the decision, but I’m glad I did it. The long-term effects of eyeball tattoos aren’t very well known.

“I’ve got no idea how my body will react 10 or 20 years down the line, but the way I see things, it’s the 21st century and people should be able to do what they like to their own bodies.”

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In her younger years, Sara was never particularly interested in body mods, working as a nail and beauty technician. It wasn't until she made the decision to change careers and become a tattoo artist that she became passionate about extreme body modifications.

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Now, she has tattoos covering both arms, one on her face, and has a forked tongue, which she claims has heightened her taste buds and not at all affected her ability to eat and drink.

She says that over the years, her tolerance for pain has decreased, however, maintains that the procedure for the eyeball tattoo was only a little uncomfortable.

Sara is constantly changing up her appearance. Check out her latest look:

The procedure was carried out at a studio in Camden in London and involved injecting ink directly into the top layer of her sclera – the white of the eye. Before it took place, it was made clear that there were certain risks - one of the worst being permanent blindness.

Sara explained: “It was really scary, but I thought ‘I’ve come this far, I can’t back out now.’

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“You have to be very precise. If I’d moved my eye by just a few millimeters while having it done, I could have gone blind. It was an odd sensation getting it done. My eyeball felt really cold, but it didn’t hurt.”

She continued: “I did want to darken them, but I decided not to. If you put too much ink in, it can be a problem. I’ve heard stories of the ink shifting and sitting under the eye instead, where it’d look like a bruise. I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

Check out this very Halloweenesque look Sara showcases in the video below:

She also added that the ink is still very much in a liquid state and can shift around a little if she rubs her eye or takes off her makeup but usually stays put.

According to Sara, her conventional look hasn’t attracted many negative comments. People are more intrigued than disgusted and often stop to take photographs.

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“I think people assume they're contacts. They’re usually quite impressed when I tell them it’s a tattoo,” she said. “At first, my mum, Jolanta, 57, begged me not to do it, but now she’s seen it, she doesn’t mind it. She’s just asked that I don’t do anything else to my face.”

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Ultimately, most people have been fairly accepting of her look despite the relative danger of some of her procedures. Of course, extreme body mods aren't for everyone, but it's entirely Sara's personal choice to change her appearance in this way. We wish her the best for her future.