Boy falls 40ft from a roof and accidentally lands on his friend

Boy falls 40ft from a roof and accidentally lands on his friend

Most of us can admit that we have been in the wrong place at the wrong time at least once. Whether it's finding yourself in the middle of a crime scene, or simply applying to college the one year the tuition fees just so happen to increase by a few thousand dollars. It's a frustrating reality of life and that's why it's oh so beautiful when the opposite happens.

While there's no doubt that being in the right place at the right time seems to happen less often, it still happens, and, on occasion, the timing is so perfect that it can result in a viral sensation. Case in point, this CCTV footage of a boy falling 40ft from a balcony to what should have ended in certain tragedy - whether through a loss of a life or serious injury. Then the universe stepped in to save him.

In most instances of last-minute miraculous escapes, the person who does the saving usually intends to through a heroic act of bravery, but this one is even more brilliant because the boy's savior had no idea that he was about to save his friend's life - in fact, he just wanted his kite back.

So check out the video below, and ask yourself two questions: Firstly, would you have intentionally thrown yourself in harm's way to save the boy, and secondly, have you ever seen somebody more in the wrong place at the wrong time?

To see the unbelievable moment the boy was accidentally saved by his friend, check out the video below:

The shocking incident happened when Swapnil Jagre climbed up a pipe to get the kite back, which had become entangled at 40ft during the Hindu festival of light, Diwali, back on November 11th. Incredibly, neither he or his friend were injured.

Hilariously, one viewer of the footage online remarked, "Lil buddy on the ground 'had his back'!" And in all honesty, if I was his friend, I would be telling everybody that the save was 100% intential and probably demand a medal of bravery.

Credit: SWNS

When the boys returned home to inform their parents about what had happened, they understandably didn't believe them. However, their initial disbelief quickly turned to shock and relief when CCTV of the incident was uncovered, showing just how much of a near miss Swapnil's fall in the Indian town of Pusad, in Maharashtra was.

But not everyone believed that the boys had survived, and a commenter on YouTube simply wrote, "No human can survive that."

However, Swati Jagre, Swapnil's mom, confirmed her son's miraculous survival, and has since spoken out: "Seeing the footage, I can only say that it is by God's grace my son's friend broke his fall, and both of them escaped unscathed. It is like a second birth of my son."

This cop also had a near-miss during an explosion at a gas station:

Once the shock surrounding the incident wore off, however, I'm sure that Swati had some stern words for her son about the dangers of climbing 40ft to rescue a kite. (Seriously, it's 2018. I'd climb 40 feet to rescue my iPad, but certainly not a kite.)

So, the next time they lose their kite, we can only hope they have the common sense to just leave it be. It's not worth losing your life for, guys!