Calendar of bearded men will make for a year to remember

Calendar of bearded men will make for a year to remember

Perhaps the beard isn't for everyone.

Some simply don't have the wherewithal to grow facial of such astonishing splendor as to be fortunate enough to profit from the beard's obviously mystic qualities, while others might prefer a clean shaven gentleman. Regardless, the beard is so firmly in vogue these days that it is all but impossible to walk 50 metres down the street without nudging shoulders with several decidedly hirsute individuals.

Of course, paradigms of desire change over time, though it seems that, for now, the beard is very much here to stay as part of our modern understanding of good looks. Advocates will be delighted to learn, then, that photographer Chad Castigliano has created a calendar of bearded men in various states of undress, entitled Whimsical Woodsman And Friends. The results are astonishing.

 The story begins with Catigliano asking his friend Tom Wilson to pose in his briefs with some carefully selected props

Man poses with axe in underwear Credit: CHAD CASTIGLIANO/CHRONICKER PHOTOGRAPHY

“Tim is a wildland firefighter so we thought that maybe we could get some local attention as firefighters are dear to people’s hearts around here." the photographer told HuffPost 

Man poses in braces and underwear Credit: CHAD CASTIGLIANO/CHRONICKER PHOTOGRAPHY

This man's got secrets to tell you, and a twinkle in his eye

Bearded man poses with cheeky expression Credit: CHAD CASTIGLIANO/CHRONICKER PHOTOGRAPHY

Meet the "Wistful Warrior"


Whatever he is selling, we're buying 

Bearded man poses provocatively Credit: CHAD CASTIGLIANO/CHRONICKER PHOTOGRAPHY

If you have been flicking through these snaps thinking that you could emulate the astonishing efforts of these bearded wonders, then I have some exciting news for you, as HuffPost reports that Chad Castigliano and team are currently scouting talent for their 2018 calendar. The best part of the photographers work, though, is that the calendar is in aid of excellent charitable causes the Red Cross and Books To The Rescue. We're with you all the way!

H/T: HuffPost