You can now buy these amazing giant unicorn and flamingo floats that hold six people

Let's be honest here, guys - summer wouldn't be summer without some pool floats. Once the warmer weather hits and we all begin to look beautiful and bronzed, Instagram is awash with a competition over who has the best pool floats. Whether it's a giant slice of pizza, a watermelon, or an alien head - we all love a pool float. However, while these guys are all perfect for a one-man floating session, the game is about to be changed.

alt Credit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

If you've been on a group holiday before, you'll know all about the turmoil of heading down to the beach with your valuables. One of you will get left behind to watch over phones and money, while the rest of your gang head off a frolic in the sea. It's a desperate scene that not only leaves you feeling desolate, but can also wedge a rift between you and your friends - causing a holiday to be ruined and memories to be tarnished.

So, why not save yourself from this rigmarole? Throw out those singular floaters and get yourselves one of these bad boys.

alt Credit: Sam's Club

Oh yeah, that's right - that's a ginormous unicorn floating in the sea! Not only is the design completely amazing, but these genius devices also carry up to six people on - meaning the end of bickering about who stays ashore as, providing you don't capsize the thing, you can all hop aboard and enjoy being a bunch of floaters.

Better yet, if you rock up to the beach with one of these, you will be the talk of the town. Imagine, for just a few seconds, the jealousy on everyone's faces as you and your friends set out on your voyage of discovery while riding on a giant, pink flamingo.

Not only are these massive floaters stylish and sleek, but they also come with all the mod-cons that you require on your escapade. They come equipped with cup holders, benches and built-in drink coolers - making them perfect for parties out at sea and, if your floater happens to stray a bit further than initially planned, at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that your drinks will be nice and cold.

alt Credit: Sam's Club

Unsurprisingly, they have quickly sold out online, with various Twitter users gushing about how much they want to buy one for the summer. "My heart and bank account can’t handle this", one tweeter wrote in excitement, while another suggested that a massive floater would make a perfect party accessory. "We need it. Think of the time spent floating on the lake this summer," another user wrote.

While the website suggests that the designs are the perfect size for a swimming pool, it's safe to say that a 9ft by 16ft floater is better suited to the sea - making them the perfect holiday accessory. Or, if you're lucky enough to live by the sea - a summer essential.

alt Credit: Sam's Club

According to customers, they claim that the products take just 20 minutes to inflate using a hand pump and have even revealed that they can easily be towed behind a boat. And, at $149.98 a pop, if you split the cost between you and your six friends - it's good value for money.

Given that they've sold out online already, there's doubt our Instagram feeds are about to be awash with a load of people posing on massive floaters. Bring on summer!