This couple's geek to chic transformation over 10 years is incredible

This couple's geek to chic transformation over 10 years is incredible

Everyone loves seeing a good makeover transformation. Makeover montages in films a la The Princess Diaries and those makeup tutorials that are all over the internet are oddly satisfying to watch, and it's probably because we have some kind of fascination with a person's capacity to change.

And one couple who have really proved you can change a whole lot if you really put your mind to it is Wendy Joseph and her fiancé Dan Hennessey. Over ten years, the couple has gone from looking totally geeky to totally gorgeous, and the difference has got the Internet talking. While there's nothing wrong with geekiness, the change to their Instagram-model level of glam really is something.

The couple is from New Jersey but currently live in San Diego, California. After celebrating their ten-year anniversary, Wendy, 29, shared two side-by-side pictures to her Instagram to show their transformation. "10 year difference! Left 2007, Right 2017," she wrote in the caption.

"I used to have a perm and wear my hair stuck to my face everyday and @shotsofhennessey used to shave once a week!" she continued. "Now we just take serious swimsuit pictures in different countries".

And yep, the difference sure is there – they almost look like completely different people! Dan, 30, decided to get one of those trendy beards that are still all the rage last year, and Wendy decided to ditch the products and embrace her natural hair six years ago. They work together as personal trainers and offer coaching and nutritional advice through their business True4You Fitness.

Their passion for fitness means they're much fitter than they were ten years ago, and they've got an enviable wardrobe to boot. But Wendy says she hasn't always been confident with her body, but being with Dan has helped with that.

"He has been there for me no matter what. Literally," she wrote in one photo's caption. "No matter what. He has cared and cherished me through thick and thin. Literally. I’ve been thick and thin. Mostly thick but I love it so he loves it."

And people were getting quite invested in the couple and the amazing transformation they've made from geek to chic. One person commented: "Did you both age in reverse?? What fountain of youth are you drinking from??", while another said, "He looks like a sexy Viking and she like a beautiful Nubian goddess" and someone else just eloquently put "Damn you guys fine".

Another person was already thinking ahead, saying "You two will make such beautiful children!" The couple got engaged in September of 2016 while they were on holiday in Paris (where else?). Dan has a YouTube channel where he vlogs his trips with Wendy, which has taken them to all corners of the world.

Their transformation from geeky to #goals is truly inspiring, with the best part being that they each helped one another to get fit and to become more body confident. I know I'm curious to see if they change in the next ten years too...