Dad chops off teen daughter's hair as 'punishment' after mom picks new haircut

Dad chops off teen daughter's hair as 'punishment' after mom picks new haircut

As a parent, there's a lot of things you are going to argue with your kid about, especially when they hit their teenage years. Things like their attitude, their music taste and their decision that they don't like any food at all anymore will all grind your gears. However, a common argument that parents will end up having with their children, is about their hair.

Your teenage years are about figuring out who you are and expressing yourself. At the time, your body is going through a lot of changes and this, alongside you discovering the conspiracy theory thread on Reddit, will change your outlook on the world. Many teenagers, such as myself at the time, will align themselves with a subculture and begin to alter their appearance, with their hair being one of the first things to change.

When you're young, you like to mess with your hair; whether it's dying it green or shaving it off. However, one young girl was left in tears after her dad made her cut her hair as 'punishment' for having highlights put in.

Credit: Facebook/Christin Johnson

Kelsey's mom, Christin Johnson, took to Facebook to reveal that she had let her daughter have highlights put in her hair for her birthday. However, Kesley's dad, Schaffen Frederick, and her stepmother, Sarah Murray, ordered the girl to have her hair cut short as punishment.

Posting on Facebook, Christin wrote:

"This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!"

As a result of the incident, local police and child protection services have said that they are "investigating a potential child abuse complaint."

The original post has now gone viral, with it receiving over 34,000 reactions and being shared more than 24,000 times.

In the wake of the publicity, a local salon stepped in to help the girl. According to a more recent upload, Kelsey has now "got her smile back", thanks to a new wig.

Christin wrote:

"I’d like to thank the ladies at Lady Jane’s on Glendale in Toledo, OH for making my baby feel more like herself! Especially Haylee Ann for taking her to pick out her new hair. She got her smile back because of you ladies and your selfless acts of kindness! We truly appreciate you ladies so much! Haylee, you are the best Godmother to Kelsey and the bond you two share is incredible, we love you so much!"

Kelsey's mother also set up a Facebook page called 'Team Kelsey' in which people have been wishing her all the best.

Melissa Prosser wrote:

"I am so, so sorry for what you are going through. I am just hoping you don’t see these negative posts about your situation. The people that are bashing you/your situation are not in your shoes. They bitch and complain because they can, adults are self-entitled, lol. No one, I mean NO ONE, knows how you feel but you. The positive comments on this page will outweigh the bad one. Take one day at a time, Team Kelsey. Much love to you and your mom from Florida. [sic]."

While you may not agree with your kid's decision regarding their hair, it's their choice. Live and let live; they will realise that green spiky hair isn't a good look some day.