Dashcam footage shows burglary suspect being taken down by police K9 unit

Dashcam footage shows burglary suspect being taken down by police K9 unit

It's no secret that dogs are man's best friend. Unlike their feline counterparts, they will do almost anything to help us out when we are in need, and throughout history, there have been countless instances of doggos saving their owner's lives. It's for this reason that we not only pamper our pooches but give them some very important jobs too.

And nowhere is that more apparent than with the K9s who work in the police force. They protect law enforcement, sniff out illegal substances and bombs, and chase down suspects too. Now, dramatic footage has surfaced on YouTube of dashcam footage of chase between Vancouver Police officers, their canine unit, and a fleeing suspect.

Credit: YouTube / VPD Online

The film was posted to YouTube on November 5 and features dashcam footage from a vehicle stopped at the intersection on Southwest Marine Drive and Granville Street. It was taken on October 30 at 5:30 pm and features officers attempting to arrest three suspects in a burglary on West 37th Avenue near Granville Street and another break-in in Maple Ridge.

To see the dramatic moment they were chased across the intersection, check out the video below: 

In the film, police can be seen chasing the suspect across the street. He runs across the line of traffic and is struck by a vehicle. The suspect, however, continues running across the median in the direction of another vehicle before being taken down by the police dog. It's at this point that he's finally restrained by a number of police officers who jump onto him.

Credit: YouTube / VPD Online

Prior to this suspect being taken down by the canine unit, two other suspects in the robbery had already been arrested, but when the third fled from the scene, officers deployed a dog. Unfortunately, a 75-year-old bystander was caught up in the incident and bit by the dog - receiving injuries which required hospital treatment, although their extent was not publically revealed.

"We feel very badly about that, and I can tell you the dog handler himself is affected by this," said Const. Jason Doucette, a VPD media liaison officer. "Our main priority now is for this man to get healthy and we're providing him support in any way we can."

Credit: YouTube / VPD Online

In a bid to get the right person, another K9 unit was deployed and the suspect was finally detained by law enforcement.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish the 75-year-old all the best in his recovery from this incident and hope that justice is served in the Vancouver Police's investigation of the two burglaries.

Oh, and we hope that the very good doggo who caught the suspect is given a few extra biscuits as a reward!

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He totally deserved that!