A group of hearing impaired people demonstrate how to curse in sign language

A group of hearing impaired people demonstrate how to curse in sign language

As adults, can we all just come together and admit that swearing is kind of brilliant? There are plenty of reasons that 2013's The Wolf of Wall Street was a popular movie, but one of them has to be the satisfaction of it being the most sweary film of all time. 569 f-bombs are dropped during its runtime - that's over three a minute.

As children we were all punished (or at least I was) for using curse words, so these little words became forbidden, and therefore extremely tempting to use. I remember relishing being able to use these words with my friends once I hit my teens, once I was sure there were no parents or teachers around to tell me off.

In fact, it became a bit of a problem. Eventually the way I spoke became so lazy I had to take a step back and cut down on the way I would throw out these bad words.

That's when I learned the true power of swearing. If you do it all the time, it means nothing, but using the right one at the right time can be extremely cathartic. Think about how great it feels to swear when you drop a heavy object on your foot, or to punctuate a sharp witty comeback. It's all about the way you use it.

But by the time you're in your twenties, and maybe even long before that, you would have heard all there is to hear. Different countries have their own particular phrases, but you will never get to hear the most powerful ones for the first time again. Or will you?

WatchCut Video has recently put out a video that teaches you an entirely new form of swearing: through sign language. In the video, deaf people show the viewers various signs, while the voice-over interprets their words, giving us all an entirely new and less obvious way to swear.

The video features people who are hard of hearing all the way to those with no hearing whatsoever, hearing aid or not. But each of them have found the time to learn some signs to vent some rage in silence. In fact, some of them admit they swear all the time.

They all seem a little embarrassed and reluctant to join in, but boy, once they get going they launch into a flurry of swear words that would put a Tarantino movie to shame. Personally, after seeing all of the ones this video has to offer, I'm particularly fond of the sign for 'b*tch'. It has to be the one they use the most, seeing how simply a gesture it is.

In ASL (American Sign Language), as one of the stars of the video points out, you don't have tone like you do while speaking. So figuring out whether a comment is sarcastic, angry, or joyful comes down to the expressions on their face. So you might want to be careful before you start throwing these out in casual conversation.