223-lb woman reveals how she lost 79 lbs in less than two years

223-lb woman reveals how she lost 79 lbs in less than two years

I don't think it's too much of a controversial opinion to say it's really hard to lose weight. Not only does it require wholesale dietary, lifestyle and mindset changes, it literally goes against our own biological programming; our bodies are wired to stockpile fat and other energy reserves, and any attempts to lose weight will literally feel like you're dying.

As such, it's always super inspiring to hear stories of people who have successfully overcome their weight demons, in the hope that we can learn something, or even embark on our own weight-loss journey one day. This is the story of Esbeidy Barrera, a 19-year-old who at one point weighed 223 pounds, but managed to cut down to an astonishing 144 pounds in just two years. Here's how she did it.

1. This is what Esbeidy looked like two years ago

Credit: Esbeidy Barrera

2. Weighing 223 lbs, Esbeidy admitted: “I always have had low self-esteem due to my weight and appearance”

Credit: Esbeidy Barrera

3. Being a staunch nonbeliever in diets, Esbeidy instead decided to hit the gym to shed the pounds

Credit: Esbeidy Barrera

4. She focused on cardio and weight training, working out tirelessly to reach a weight she could be happy with

Credit: Esbeidy Barrera

5. Now, she's managed to get herself down to 144 lbs, and the difference is stark and tangible

6. She eats a lot healthier nowadays...

7. But lets loose once in a while with an Oreo or other similar treats

8. Now she's at a weight satisfactory to her, the hard bit is to stay there

9. She still works out twice a day to keep herself in shape

10. There's still a lot of loose skin to contend with...

11. But I get the feeling this amazing young woman won't give up so easily

12. Good on you, Esbeidy! Keep up the good work!

Losing weight can be a painful journey, but if you're looking to drop a few clothes sizes or generally feel better about your body, I think there's no better time than the present. Stories like Esbeidy's up there can be intimidating for some people, but I think we should use her story as incentive to keep pushing ourselves to the limit. Don't you agree?