24 Deeply upsetting pictures that will make women everywhere cringe

24 Deeply upsetting pictures that will make women everywhere cringe

There are plenty of tough issues women have to deal with, including things like equal pay, body and beauty standards, and casual sexism.

While these problems will eventually go away if we keep working on them, there are some things us women will never escape the wrath from. Here are 24 examples of less-than-okay situations that we can all relate to.

1. Having to deal with this

tangled necklace Credit: Twitter

2. Or worse, dealing with this

3. When you accidentally brand yourself with your straightener

4. Battle wounds after breaking in new heels

5. This makeup massacre

6. Or this one

7. The crimes against the laws of eyeshadow committed here

8. Sock tan lines that'll last the season

9. When this happened when you weren't looking

10. Hair elastics snapping at the most inconvenient of times

11. Another bra, another barely avoided fatality by wire

12. When your wings don't match

13. Realising the true pain of glitter (...but it's sparkly!)

14. Or when an eyelash decides to pay your eyeball a visit

15. This crime scene the next morning

16. This predicament that usually doesn't end well

17. Or when your hair decides to rendezvous with the seatbelt

18. Your hair just isn't safe anywhere

19. JUST when you've completed your look, this happens

20. Trying to figure out the laws of entanglement

21. This frightful scene of clumpy lashes... *shudders*

clumpy lashes Credit: Twitter

22. When you should have finished the end of the contouring tutorial

23. Low key shedding a winter coat

24. And finally, questioning the things we do for our brows (and everything else)

It's tough being a girl. But still, we're all in it together.