Here are 33 of the coolest anime tattoos people have gotten

Here are 33 of the coolest anime tattoos people have gotten

Anime is known for its creative character designs and unique stylistic appeal. From Pokemon and Naruto to the lovable characters of Spirited Away and Studio Ghibili, nobody can deny the medium's near-universal appeal.

Here are some of the coolest designs that anime fans have had inked in recent years.


1. Sailor Moon is always a solid option

The moon-forehead cat is quite adorable.

2. You're gonna carry that weight

Few characters in fiction are quite as cool as Spike Spiegel. This tattoo does a damn good job of showing why.

3. Spirited Away is a classic

No-face's iconic mask always makes for a great image. It's character design at some wild heights of genius. The little forest creatures from Princess Mononoke also compliment him well.

4. Triple Attack on Titan tats

The color work on this one is pretty wild.

5. This Persona 3 tattoo is insane

Persona 3 is known for its cyborg shadow-hunters, badass heiresses, and genius mixture of Jungian psychology with Japanese slice-of-life anime. Want to hunt your shadows down and save the world? Depth psychology would be so proud!

6. Watch Hunter X Hunter

This anime, featuring killer clowns, genocide, roving bands of lawless thieves, and the most likable protagonist you've ever seen, is really a masterpiece. Any fan of fiction deserves to see it.

7. Naruto Uzumaki is a bit of a goofball

Look at him! Looks like freaking Hamtaro.

8. Majin Buu is a badass

Real tough pink guy right here.

9. The Pirate King's fist

A series older than I am, One Piece is the best-selling manga of all time and probably one of the biggest stories ever to be told in human history.

10. The Original Sailor Moon

Simple, straightforward, quality line work.

11. Pikachu looks tough as nails!

Don't mess with this one.

12. Sailor Moon cat-baton-thigh

Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

13. What's his power level?!


14. Sinister sleeve

Tokyo Ghoul has blown up in recent years, and damn that mask is terrifying.

15. Naruto eyes and spirals

He has the Sharingan!

16. Friends turned enemies

Kakashi and Obito, solemn, side by side.

17. The heart of Sailor Moon

All neatly tied-up and everything.

18. This tattoo is full Super-Saiyan

Goku is PISSED.

19. More Sailor Moon cats

One on each leg.

20. Dragonball fusion dance!

Goku and Trunks for infinity!

21. This Pokemon tattoo

Arcanine looks great on an arm!

22. My Neighbor Totoro

This is my personal favorite. Totoro matryoshka dolls are just clever as hell.

23. Chihiro x Haku

The lost girl and the river spirit united at last.

24. This touching One Piece scene

Back when Ace, Sabo and Luffy all became brothers, and then changed the world, creating the end of the golden age of pirates and opening the door to the 'worst generation'.

25. Transmutation Circle

Fullmetal Alchemist's alchemical roots look great on a back!

26. Studio Ghibli collage

From Spirited Away, to Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service, the entire studio's majestic creations are on full display.

27. Gin with the wolf mask

Really nice, right?

28. Tiny Totoro

A minimalist inking behind the ear. Quite creative.

29. Princess Mononoke in action

The fearsome princess in her full wolf attire, in battle mode against the forces of globalism and industrialism! A true hero.

30. Inuyasha in the flesh

If you've ever seen Adult Swim at 5:30 am, those early Sunday mornings, you've seen Inuyasha.

31. Revolutionary Girl Utena

A highly underrated anime, this rose symbol looks great on a knee.


Kill la Kill's scissor blades are dope as hell.

33. Halloween Charmander

A nice finisher.

Credit: Game Skinny

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