Body positive model blasts retouched images of herself and posts the original photos in comparison

Body positive model blasts retouched images of herself and posts the original photos in comparison

In the world of body-positivity and the fashion industry, transparency and authenticity are two of the biggest buzz words going. With the rise of the body-positive movement, particularly on Instagram, fashion companies are now being pressured to leave their photos un-airbrushed, with certain retailers including stretch marks on their advertisement campaigns.

This notion of authenticity is key to the message that model La'Tecia Thomas conveys on her social media feeds. The body-positivity ambassador recently saw a picture of herself in which her cellulite and 'fat rolls' had been photoshopped out and felt the need to share the images online.

Taking to her Instagram account, Thomas posted the photo that had been retouched alongside one that hadn't and claimed that the side-by-side images were a reminder "to not compare yourself to anyone else".

The 26-year-old Australian model and make-up artist said:

"What you see online or in the media isn’t always the complete truth. This is not about putting anyone on blast but moreso a reminder to not compare yourself to anyone else. In this instance I can’t even compare myself to myself. These photos were shot around the same time; one obviously retouched and the other not. - When I look at the left images I’m like damn can I please look like that and its Fk$!n ME!?! If I can’t be that person on the left (which is absurd because it’s me) then I can only imagine the effect this has on women."

"I think my big arms, my cellulite, my back rolls, the dimples on my butt look fine in the natural shot. I can’t always have control of what other people do to my images but on my page I’m always going to keep it 100 with you. I think both images are beautiful but be realistic with yourself, you don’t need to look a certain way to be appreciated and know that you’re worthy."

The model has previously spoken about her body issues and revealed that she decided to ditch her strict eating and exercise schedule in favour of a more relaxed approach. At her smallest, Thomas was a size 2, but she is now a size 12.

Appearing on the Morning Show in Australia, La'Tecia revealed that she still exercises regularly, but no longer worries about numbers and aims to have a more balanced life.

"I'm definitely a lot happier than what I used to be - and even if I were to lose weight now, I know I'll be in a better place because my mind is in a healthy place.

"And that's very important."

It's not the first time that Thomas has used a side-by-side photo to push her message of self-love and acceptance. Back in December 2017, she posted a similar photo which featured her at a much lower weight when training for a bikini competition alongside a more recent snap, saying:

"I was insecure, I compared my self to other women, constantly put myself down and never felt good enough, I’d rather be caught dead than seen in a swimsuit."

"I’m not saying that you will be happier on the opposite spectrum but I think it’s important to have a positive relationship between your mind and your body first and foremost at whatever size you may be," she added.

La'Tecia's post shows that you shouldn't be comparing yourself to anyone, let alone the heavily photoshopped advertisements that we online and on billboards. Whatever your view of body-positivity, if it's teaching people to love the skin they're in, then it shouldn't be frowned upon.