Everything you'll ever need to know about condoms

Everything you'll ever need to know about condoms

It's hard to forget about the time you had "the talk".

Despite being somewhat traumatising, you can't say that the rather patchy knowledge you gained hasn't proved useful. I mean, you can't exactly forget the time when all the boys and girls were herded away from each other, disappearing into their respective rooms to learn about menstruation, their changing bodies and how to practice safe sex for the first time.

Whilst both talks differed vastly in subject matter because, you know, women can have babies and men can't, both groups were undoubtedly subjected to learning all about the humble condom. Teachers absolutely waxed lyrical about the benefits of using condoms as a form of protection and as the majority of us will now know, they do come in rather handy when you're about to do the deed.

Whilst we all know that condoms are the only form of protection that prevents many STDs from being transmitted, we could all do with a refresher on them, because practicing safe sex really is very important.

1. If used correctly, condoms are 98 per cent effective 

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2. There are also female or "internal" condoms 

Female condom Credit: Dr Eve

3. You can often get them for free from sexual health clinics 

Planned Parenthood Credit: CNN

4. Some condoms come pre-lubricated 

Condoms Credit: YouTube

5. You can also purchase them in a variety of colours and flavours 

Durex Credit: Durex

6. And different shapes and sizes... 

Magnum Condoms Credit: Magnum

7. Condoms do expire, however, so make sure you have a read of the packaging before getting down and dirty 

Condoms Credit: Target

8. Verified condoms will have the BSI (British Standards) or European CE mark

Condom Credit: Stylecaster

9. If a condom splits during intercourse you could become pregnant. It's also a good idea to get tested for STD's

10. You can use condoms after having miscarriages or abortions 

Condoms Credit: NHS

11. Some condoms are ribbed or textured for increased pleasure 

Condom Credit: Durex

12. Oil-based lubricants can make latex condoms less effective 

13. Latex-free condoms are available for those with latex allergies 

14. Finally, you should never feel embarrassed about buying, talking about or using condoms


So after all this it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to ensure that you always get it wrapped up... if you know what I mean.

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