Feng shui expert says mirrors in the bedroom are key to a perfect night's sleep

Feng shui expert says mirrors in the bedroom are key to a perfect night's sleep

Everybody has different routines in the morning as they prepare for the day ahead. Some people like to have showers in the morning, some the night before; there's an ongoing debate as to whether to brush your teeth before or after breakfast (or to eschew the meal entirely), but most people will have a good look in the bedroom mirror before setting out for the day.

Despite the doomed Narcissus being a well-known Greek fable, mirrors are a useful and integral part of living in society, but your mirror could be affecting your ability to get a good night's sleep, and not just because your reflection is trying to kill you in your sleep like in that terrible Kiefer Sutherland horror film Mirrors.

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Amanda Gibby Peters is an expert in feng shui, the Chinese philosophical system of acquainting yourself intimately with your immediate environment. Sometimes, that can mean rearranging your furniture in a certain fashion, and Peters suspects that having a mirror on your bedroom wall could be ruining your highly-coveted beauty sleep.

Feng shui works to harmonise good energy around any given room, but Peters suspects that having a mirror in your bedroom can actually bring more energy to your being - not exactly a good thing when you're trying to rest. She recommends you try covering up your mirrors while you sleep, and try to see if you feel a difference.

If you do end up experiencing some better and more restful nights, Peters has another suggestion to improve your overall energy levels:

"If you do sleep soundly with them covered, consider replacing them with something else you love - a large print, a mural, or even a few mounted lanterns."

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Laura Cerrano is another feng shui guru, and she's reiterated the idea that mirrors give you too much energy in a room, reflecting it back at you as you sleep, keeping you awake like the most afflicted insomniac. Cerrano also thinks you should have your bed as central as you can in the bedroom, and make sure that you don't have it pushed up against the wall, either. It's all about balance.

"This is symbolic of creating equal space for both you and your partner. Besides that, having two side tables and lamps is a great go-to general recommendation because it relates to balance."

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Now, feng shui isn't an exact science, but you have to admit that when your room is perfectly decorated and arranged, you find yourself with a deep sense of satisfaction. If you're having trouble getting to sleep but you aren't sure why, then why not have a go at covering up your mirrors?

As we all know, getting enough sleep is a vital part of any thriving life, and it's important to do what it takes to ensure your shuteye is as luxurious and useful as possible.