This hairy guy completely shaved himself to be a bodybuilder

This hairy guy completely shaved himself to be a bodybuilder

Have you ever seen the film Planet of The Apes? No? Well go and see it, it is very good. I thought it would be rubbish (I mean, how good can a film about apes be?), but I was completely wrong. The fight scenes are epic, the CGI is incredible, and the storyline is surprisingly well done.

If you have seen Planet of The Apes, you might recognize the guy below, seeing as he was one of the stars of the film.

Credit: Youtube

Sorry; that was mean. Of course, I am joking. This man was not in Planet of The Apes.

This is Devin Cara, and he is a very hairy man. A very, very hairy man. On May 17, Devin took to his YouTube channel to upload a video of him preparing for a bodybuilding competition. But rather than it being a motivational video of Devin doing weights, it was a 30-minute-long epic of him shaving his body hair. 30 minutes.

There was that much hair...

Devin is a former world beard champion (yes, that is a thing) and he has to regularly shave his head and his neck because of the amount hair he has covering his body. The 33 minute video shows the process that Devin and his wife have to go through to get rid of the carpet-like coat of hair, which he claims he has neglected shaving since he was in high school.

Before shaving off the rug of hair, Devin decides to comb his mane one last time, saying that he can fluff it up "an inch off his body" if he wants to. David says that while he shaves the hair off his head and collar in order to keep up with his appearances, he has resorted to shaving off his body hair purely for the sake of a bodybuilding competition.

Devin's wife, Kelly, who films the video as well as helping him with the mission, likens Devin to an animal and says that living with him is like having a pet, due to the amount of hair that he regularly sheds.

However, despite the mission that they're confronted with, Kelly still decides to have some fun with it, opting to do some landscaping on his back. Rather than shaving all the hair off his back, Kelly decided to do some nice Zebra stripes first, and has a laugh at her husband's expense.

In 2013, Cara went viral after shaving off his monumental beard and filming it on camera, much to the entertainment of thousands of people. His beard was so infamous that it earned him a number of different trophies from local, national, and international beard competitions, like the one below:


Of course, Cara is taking part in a bodybuilding competition, and he is keen to show off his routine to the camera once he is cleanly shaven and ready to compete. Still though, imagine how itchy that is going to be when the hair starts growing back, it would be unbearable.