If you have an "M" on your palm, then there is something very special about you

If you have an "M" on your palm, then there is something very special about you

We live in a world where not everything is as it seems, and there are some questions which we will never know the answers to. While science might suggest that there's no such thing as life after death, it hasn't stopped billions of people around the globe - many of whom work in that very field - from holding religious beliefs and claiming to have inexplicable experiences.

What's more is that there are some subjects which fascinate even the most staunch of atheists - like palmistry. When I was a kid, I had a palm reading for a quarter at a charity school fair. I never expected anything interesting to happen when I walked through the red curtains into the room, but that all changed when the woman who read my palm told me something she couldn't have known: I was moving to a different school. At that point, even my teachers didn't know. It was only my parents.

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Apparently, my education lines were pointing in a number of different directions. Whether it was a coincidence or not, I didn't just end up going to a different secondary school from my peers, but a different college for my undergraduate degree. I also moved abroad to study a masters, returned to my hometown briefly, and then left again to work in my chosen field. Spooky.

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So what could your palm be saying about you? Well, if you've ever wondered what those squiggly lines mean, this diagram above will give you a brief introduction. Unlike fortune telling (if you believe in it), palmistry is something anyone can do.

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And even if that diagram looks a little too complicated for your liking, it won't stop you from finding this article fascinating. If the lines on your palm form an "M" shape, it could suggest that you - or someone you know - are incredibly special.

But how exactly do you know if you have a special M on your hand? After all, if you're told to look for a shape, even if it's not there, sometimes your brain can trick you into seeing it. Thankfully, there's a way of ascertaining its presence for sure.

So, first thing's first, you have to look at your Life Line. Where is that? Well, it's the line that curls around the base of your thumb and points down towards your wrist, as demonstrated in this handy diagram below. How does yours measure up?

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As its name suggests, your Life Line can tell you a lot about your health and longevity as well as the direction of your future.

Once you've established where your Life Line is, you need to identify your Head Line. Generally speaking, it cuts across the middle of your palm and it can appear straight or slightly curved. It tends to start at the same place as your Life Line.

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Its meaning isn't so easy to discern from its name, but for anyone unfamiliar with palmistry, it basically represents how you make decisions and the amount of willpower that you have.

The penultimate line that you need to identify, however, is a lot rarer. It's a small and very rare line - the Line of Fate or the Saturn Line. Unlike the other two lines, it's something which not everyone has, which is why a true "M" shape is so rare.

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It cuts across the palm from the bottom to the top and it indicates that something you cannot control will have a huge effect on your life. Now, speaking as someone with this line, that's a statement that I'm inclined to agree with.

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The final line that you need to identify for the M shape is the Love Line which, as its name suggests, describes what your relationships and family life are like. It usually starts between your middle and index fingers and curves down to your pinky.

If the lines on your hand link up to form an "M" like the one pictured below, you're in serious luck. Literally.

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A little-known fact about the letter M is that it's a finding of palmistry. It's an art form which can be traced back thousands of years to India. It was born from Hindu astrology and was first mentioned in the Chinese book the I Ching.

But the letter M was not written about until the book Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma written by Jon Saint-Germain where it's said that the letter M rarely appears on a palm.

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Its believed to be a mark of good fortune and those with an M on their hand will typically work in the field of their choosing because they have a lot of self-motivation and discipline. Those with an M are also said to be great judges of character.

To discover how this shape makes you special, check out the video below:

These positive personality traits, however, are dependent on whether or not the M appears on a person's right or left hand. If you're right-handed, you're born with the above traits, but if you're left-handed, the opposite applies (tough luck, lefties!).

So, if these traits are reflected in people with an M on their right hand, are there any famous examples?

Yes, yes there are. As the picture below so fabulously demonstrates, former US president Barack Obama has an M on his hand.

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Horrifyingly, however, Adolf Hitler also had one - so if you can't find an M on your palm, it might not be a bad thing.

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Our current President also has an M on his palm, which might explain how he was able to land the presidency with no prior political experience!

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While the existence of an M on your palm could be very interesting, it only obviously only has significance if you believe in palmistry. Now, I'm not a fortune teller or a palmist, but I think it's safe to say that there will be people out there without Ms on their palms who've got all the positive personality traits associated with it - and more!