Instagram star goes viral with the perfect response to claims her boyfriend is 'too attractive for her'

Instagram star goes viral with the perfect response to claims her boyfriend is 'too attractive for her'

Given that we're currently in the year 2018, it seems pretty sad that we're still body-shaming and defining people by their weight. But, sadly, that is the reality of the world that we are living in.

As a society, we are obsessed with body image. Social media companies such as Instagram undoubtedly have a huge part to play in this fetish-like obsession. One quick open and scroll of the app and you will be inundated with #BodyGoals. Whether it's female weightlifters, beefed-up men, toned abs or body positivity bloggers - body image is the biggest subject of discussion right now.

While body positivity bloggers are no doubt a positive aspect of this movement, they can still come under serious scorn from those who do not believe that a fuller figure is an acceptable form. Melissa Gibson is one woman who knows this all too well.

Gibson, from Louisville, Kentucky, is a body positivity blogger who has amassed over 215,000 followers on Instagram. Last week, she uploaded a photo of herself and her boyfriend sharing a New Year's kiss and came under fire from trolls who claimed that he was "out of her league" due to her size.

However, despite the negativity aimed in their direction, Melissa responded with another post in which she issued a rallying call for people to be less judgemental and more accepting.

"When taking a picture in a sparkly dress next to the man you love makes people comment about your body, question your relationship, make judgements about him for loving you."

"Our relationship is political. Even though we both know how natural and right it feels. And if the world won’t just let us be, we will keep fighting for our love, for our space, for our right to be seen, accepted without question, and celebrated. In all honesty it’s silly to think it bothers people so much, but when privileged people base their value on attraction and relationships, it results in the plethora of relationships that look like mine being erased and delegitimized. Like somehow I don’t deserve him or our love isn’t real."

"We are exactly what each other wants, and guess what, our bodies are a part of that. It’s not abnormal or a fetish. It’s simply natural. So while you insist on yelling your insecurities and bigotry at me, realize I’m not playing the game you play any longer. I’m not playing by your rules. And it’s honestly sad you still are."

"2018 is the year for Love that is not defined by weight, age, ability, genitals, gender, sexuality. Not defined by race or ethnicity or religion."

"We’re having more fun this way anyway."

Unsurprisingly, the post has gone viral with over 10,000 likes since it was uploaded. Plenty of users have also been quick to praise Melissa for standing up to the haters in such a euphoric and emphatic manner, with one commenter saying:

"I just want to say it’s easy to see why he loves you - from a quick glance you are confident, fun and of course gorgeous. Have fun and enjoy having a gorgeous man to love you back!"

Fair play to Melissa for standing up in the face on Instagram trolls, who can be a horrible and vicious bunch. As she says, love shouldn't be defined by your weight, gender or ethnicity. Live and let live - the world will be a better place because of it.