Mom grants terminally ill son's dying wish to 'walk her down the aisle'

Mom grants terminally ill son's dying wish to 'walk her down the aisle'

Losing a child is one of the greatest tragedies that anyone can possibly go through. No parent, even of a sick child, expects their baby to die before them. Unfortunately, although unlikely, some rare conditions do lead to the tragic deaths of children before they've even reached their adolescent years.

Needless to say, it's one of the most difficult things in the world for a family to come to terms with the fact that their child is terminally ill. However, the most loving of families will do their best to give the child in question the best few, years, months, weeks or even days of their life in spite of their grief.

One particular 12-year-old may have been unfortunate in a number of ways, but he was extremely lucky to have a family that strived to all they could to make his life as happy as possible. His name is Keith Burkett and he captured hearts all over the US for his courage, strength, and precociousness. He had been battling cancer for exactly half of his short life and has been dubbed Kourageous Keith by family, friends and supporters.

Watch the moment Keith walked his mom down the aisle just days before his death:

The terminally ill child first hit the headlines last month when he was treated to an early Christmas celebration and parade after doctors told his family he may not live to experience Christmas 2018. Keith had an extremely rare form of childhood cancer which spread to various parts of his body including his skull, liver, spine, and shoulder.

He first showed signs of cancer when he was just five-years-old and was taken to hospital on Christmas Eve 2010. He was diagnosed with undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma in March 2012. Despite receiving a great deal of treatment, in May it was discovered that his cancer had spread.

So the people of Stow, Ohio, worked together to give him his most unforgettable Christmas yet by covering their homes in Christmas decorations, singing carols and dressing up as Santa Claus.

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"It was awesome. The fire truck was my favorite part because I've never been in one before. I got to beep the horn," Burkett said.

Doctors had told me that they didn't know if Keith would make it to Christmas," the boy's mother, Taylore Woodard, said. "He loves Christmas. His life has been taken up with cancer and medicines and I wanted my son to enjoy one last Christmas. So at the end of September, we made our house into a winter wonderland."

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But more recently, Keith was given yet another momentous occasion to look forward to. The brave young boy asked his mom if he could help her before he died. "He said, 'Well Momma, I would like to walk you down the aisle before I die,' and then I was like you know, we're making it happen," Taylore Woodard, Keith's mom, told Fox 8.

Woodard wrote about the wedding, which took place in their home in Stow, Ohio on November 9 in a post on the "Korageous Keith" Facebook page, calling it "the most bittersweet heartbreaking emotional day" of her life. "But my baby boy got to walk me down the aisle and we got to honor his final wish," she wrote.

Credit: Facebook

The video posted on Facebook showed Keith being wheeled down the aisle in his wheelchair ahead of his mom and placed next to her during the actual ceremony. Tragically, a post on November 12 informed followers of the page that Keith had died.

"Today at 12:57 pm Keith earned his angel wings and is now in heaven in peace to be with God," Woodard wrote. "Mommy misses you so much already baby boy! You will always be with mommy! I don't know how mommy is going to live without you! A piece of me will forever be gone. I promise you, baby, I'll do my best! We love you so much, baby!! RIP MY KEIFY!"

There is nothing that can rectify the loss of a loved one, but hopefully, in time the family's pain will begin to heal.