Study says that men and women have a totally different idea of what makes the perfect body

Study says that men and women have a totally different idea of what makes the perfect body

This probably won't come as a huge surprise to anyone, but - newsflash - men and women are different sometimes. Whether those differences come about as a result of biology or society is still up for debate - but the contrasts themselves are pretty hard to deny.

For instance, if a woman asks a man what he thinks of her dress, she'll probably get a very different response than if she had asked another woman. Likewise, if a guy wants an opinion on how his hair is looking, he'll almost certainly get some varied feedback if he asks both men and women what they think.

In order to demonstrate the true extent of those differences, lingerie store polled 1000 people - half of them men, half women - in order to see what each gender perceived to be the "ideal" version of both the male and female form.

And the results are pretty surprising.

man and woman profile Credit: Pexels

First up, it's the ladies.

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between what men and women believe to be the ideal woman, but - upon close inspection - there are definitely some variants at play.

When it came to the hair and face, women believed that a subtler, classy look was better, and chose a Kate Middleton/Cara Delevigne combo as their perfect woman. Men, meanwhile, favored a more glamorous movie-star sort of look, and chose a Scarlett Johansson/Megan Fox mix to represent their ideal.

The legs and hips are fairly similar - with men preferring a slightly curvier figure for women - and both stomachs were toned and athletic.

The one big difference (or perhaps I should say two big differences) were the breasts, with the girls clearly preferring a smaller chest, while the guys went full Kim K with their choice selection.


Now it's time to see what each gender thinks of the men.

Surprisingly, the gender difference somehow shows rather more immediately with the guys than it did with the girls, as the women's ideal man seems to be more "pretty", while the men's goal for themselves was more "powerful".

Women favored a fashionably-shabby haircut and Christian Grey broodiness, while the guys went for a more simple cut, and a more chiseled, stern face.

As for the bodies, both genders chose components from people who are recognized for having aesthetically-desirable physiques, with the women going for a David Gandy/Brad Pitt hybrid, and the men opting for a mashup of Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman (at his most ripped, of course).

Surprisingly, both genders picked legs belonging to English soccer players - meaning that at least 20 per cent of both genders' ideal guy was made up of David Beckham-esque features.


Emily Bendell, the founder of BlueBella, was pleased to see some of the outcomes of the survey.

“Who would have thought mother of two in her 40s in Gwyneth Paltrow would come top of the female poll for the best toned tummy?” Bendell asked. “And it is great that in her sixth decade Elle Macpherson is still seen as a style icon by so many women.”

She also praised the guys for choosing a woman who was on the slightly "curvier" side of the spectrum - although most ladies would probably still consider her to be thin.

Well, it just goes to show that we will probably never achieve a body that is both perfect for us and for those we want to attract... so we might as well just be selfish and look however we want to.