This nude blogger is over the moon that her Instagram account got deleted

This nude blogger is over the moon that her Instagram account got deleted

Body-positivity bloggers are a growing trend across social media sites such as Instagram, and appear to constantly be in a feud with the company over their guidelines regarding what can and can't be published on the site. Instagram has fairly strict rules when it comes to nudity on the website, with any photos or videos that include "sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks" not being allowed on the site.

Instagram say that "some photos of female nipples" are banned from being published, but pictures that include breastfeeding and mastectomy scarring are allowed.

One body-positivity blogger who has had a run-in with Instagram in recent weeks, is "The Nude Blogger", whose account got deleted by the site for the fact that, unsurprisingly given the name, it contains nude photos. The woman who runs the account, which has over 55,000 followers, is called Jessa O'brien, and she has hit back at Instagram for the ban.

Taking to her account to upload a photo of her looking especially moody and holding a sign that reads "F*ck you Instagram", Jessa wrote a passionate caption, citing the double standards of Instagram's censorship policy.

Jessa starts the message by introducing herself and explaining why she has been inactive for a while:

"This is me, Jessa, and I am the creatress of The Nude Blogger. Now, as some of you may know, this account was abruptly, and without any warning whatsoever, deactivated over 3 weeks ago ? So apologies I've been a little quiet on this account. 

She continues, saying that her crusade to bring the account back was more about body-positivity than anything else, however, she says the deactivation has actually worked in her favour, and has drawn more publicity to the issue of body-positivity and the importance of loving yourself.

"Since the deactivation of this account, I have embarked on a tireless crusade against the social media giants to raise awareness about body positivity and expose the contradictory nature of Instagram's blurred guidelines that only exacerbate appalling double standards ??The deactivation of my account actually proved to be one of the best things to happen for my message about body-positivity ??What success we've had! It's been an absolute whirlwind…making headlines all around the world! A win for body-positivity and a win against Instagram."

Jess goes on to thank the people who have supported her and even slips in a little thanks to Instagram for re-activating her account:

"And to the person, people, robot or reptilian who clicked the button to reactivate my account…YOU have also just made more of a difference than you will ever know…so thank you. You've just helped to show the world that body-positivity and non-sexual nudity are ok. So yes, thank you too Instagram…it's been good ✌?And as I always say, LET'S START A DAMN REVOLUTION! ✊?✊?✊?

Unsurprisingly, Jessa's mood seems to have now changed, and she recently uploaded a new photo to her account, thanking Instagram for reinstating her account.

"Yes…THANK YOU @instagram ??
Thank you for making the honourable decision to reinstate my account ??
Thank you for listening…not only to me, but to the many others out there and the message we collectively represent ??
Thank you for exercising a sense of social responsibility ??"

Jessa then speaks about what the reactivation symbolises for body-positivity and also outlines what she aims to achieve with her account:

"This reactivation symbolises a stand for body-positivity and a step in the right direction toward helping to normalise nudity ✨
"This reactivation signifies a much-needed move toward removing the stigma around non-sexual nudity ✨"

"I am committed to continuing in my efforts to help normalise nudity and promote body-positivity, and I can only hope that Instagram will act as an ally and not an opponent in my mission ?
I know many other body-positive accounts have fallen victim to disheartening double standards, and I can only hope that Instagram will set forth in exercising the same discernment they seem to have with mine." 

She then issues one last rallying cry for us all to create a world of positivity and love"

"I call on Instagram, and all other social media platforms…
With your help and goodwill, let us be the ones to leave a lasting legacy of love and union ❤️????

Fair play to Jessa for fighting for what she believes in, and well done to Instagram for reactivating her account, after all, if she's spreading a message of positivity and love, you can't really stand in the way of that.