Obese husband transforms into muscle-bound hunk after losing half his bodyweight

Obese husband transforms into muscle-bound hunk after losing half his bodyweight

People make the decision to lose weight for a lot of different reasons. Usually, this life-changing choice will stem from a combination of different factors.

The number one issue with being overweight is that your health will suffer as a result. Then there's also the issue of not feeling attractive in your own skin. When you have kids, however, the more superficial factors take a bit of a backseat and you tend to focus on how your lifestyle is directly affecting them.

It is somewhere along these lines that 34-year-old Jon Payne was thinking when he made the drastic decision to shed the pounds - and a lot of them, too.

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And while there are plenty of stories about people pulling off successful weight loss transformations, few of them go from being morbidly obese fathers to absolute muscle-bound hunks.

In fact, Jon's wife Vikki Payne, 30, has explained how women who were once totally uninterested now swoon over her man after he lost more than half his body weight.

Some years ago, Jon and Vikki Payne were somewhat of a mismatched couple. Jon, a self-confessed “eating machine”, weighed 350 lbs, wore XXXL shirts, and had a 48-inch waist.

Take a look at this video Jon put together about his impressive weight loss story:

In contrast, Vikki was - and still is - a huge yoga fan, wears size eight clothes and weighs 119 lbs. Jon's BMI was an astonishing 53.6, which is more than double the recommended 18.5 to 25. Classified as obese, his idea of exercise was playing games on his X-Box, and he ate a staggering eight meals a day.

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On the other hand, Vicki, who has a healthy BMI of 22, is as slim as she was 11 years earlier when they got married. And this is in spite of the fact that she has since given birth to three children.

“Truthfully, I didn’t notice what he looked like,” said Vikki, who married Jon when she was 19 and he was 21, after meeting as teens at a mutual friend’s house. “He weighed 20 stone (280 lbs) when we met, but I just remember how funny he was and how much he made me laugh.”

The couple, of Rainham, Kent, said they would ignore comments about what an unlikely match they were.

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And no one was harsher about Jon's appearance than Jon himself, often calling himself “the big fatty.” He also openly agreed that he was “punching above his weight” as he felt his slender wife was a lot more attractive than him.

Aged 28, Jon finally decide to lose weight as he feared that if he didn't, he might not live to see his children, Emma, now nine, Sophie, seven, and Jenson, four, grow up.

Jon shows us how to make one of his favorite low carb, high protein meals:

After some years of consistently reducing his food intake, he lost an impressive 70 lbs, still weighing 280 lbs. He then decided to try out the high-fat and low-carb ketogenic diet and began hitting the gym six days a week, only taking Sundays off.

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Within just a year Jon dropped to 154 lbs, and after another year toiling away at the gym, he had developed huge muscles. With the additional muscle mass, he now weighs about 196 lbs, has a BMI of 18 and the least body fat he’s had since pre-puberty.

Vicki insists, however, that her husband's appearance does not matter at all to her.

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“I’m really proud of him because he has worked hard,” she said. “But I thought he was hot before and I still think he’s hot.” Vicki has, however, noticed more women chatting him up.”

She continued: “When he was big he didn’t get chatted up lots,” she said. “Now at the supermarket, people will flirt with him.

“He doesn’t realize – but I’m not blind. Maybe he’ll now leave me for someone fitter.”

Jon reveals the secret to staying motivated while undergoing a weight loss transformation:

Jon said his size never affected his confidence. “I just didn’t care what I ate,” he said. “I stuffed my face in my teens and it continued into my 20s.” He still believes he and Vikki, were physically “mismatched".

“She was – and is – a total fitty, and I was a total mess,” he said.

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At the height of his fat days, Jon really indulged savory food, having the “biggest McDonald’s money could buy” for breakfast.

For his mid-morning snack, he would usually eat about three pastries, and for lunch he would eat a sandwich and a giant bag of Doritos. At 3 pm, he would eat a sausage roll and some candy.

For dinner, his meal would normally amount to about 1,000 calories. Later in the evening, he would eat cookies and tea with sugar. “The only exercise I did was on the X-Box,” he confessed.

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After a reasonably difficult start, he now loves his workouts at the gym. In fact, he even started a Facebook page, Elon Fitness, as a way of inspiring people from around the world to embark on their very own weight loss journeys.

“I think they realize if I can do it anyone can,” he said. “I was the ultimate fat bloke. This rubbish about losing weight being easy is just that – rubbish. Every day I want cake. But I want to live more. So I exercise. And that’s the only trick.”

There's no denying just how inspirational Jon Payne is - to go from being morbidly obese to being the picture of health and fitness is something very few people are capable of. We hope he manages to continue keeping the weight off and maintains his very impressive fitness level.