Plus-size beauty vlogger posts emotional plea to strangers who tell her she 'should lose weight'

Plus-size beauty vlogger posts emotional plea to strangers who tell her she 'should lose weight'

Over the last few years, obesity has become a much-discussed subject. While some circles are concerned with the health problems associated with being severely overweight, others have focused on the emotional torment that obese people suffer from their peers - and both of these subjects are valid schools of thought.

However, what a lot of people don't realize is that it's possible to care about the health concerns of particular body types (whether that be those that are over- or under- weight) while still being decent human beings to those who we have deemed to be "unhealthy". After all, you don't get mad at someone for having the flu, do you?

One person who wanted to address this matter is Alexandra Thomas, a plus-size beauty blogger from Massachusetts. In an emotional YouTube video, Thomas discussed an incident that happened when she went to visit her dermatologist for some skincare advice.

"I just need to talk about something for one minute," she said at the start of the video. "Something that I'm wondering if you guys can relate to."

She then went on to say that, because she is overweight, it seems that other people always feel they have the right to point it out to her. And this matter was brought to her attention on this particular occasion because a new dermatologist at her doctor's surgery referred her to a different medical professional, saying, "She'll be able to help you with your weight."

Thomas did admit that it might sound like she was overreacting, but insisted that she wasn't because "it never gets old how people can just think they can say something about your weight. Like it’s not something that I’m working on. Like it’s not something that I’m aware of. It’s such a weird thing to me. I just felt so overwhelmed."

She added: "I just don't get it."

Thomas went on to say that what hurt the most was that many people seemed to overlook every other aspect of her personality and character purely because of her weight.

"Sometimes it just feels like people only see you as fat," she explained. "That’s what gets so frustrating. You look at me and that’s the first thing you see. Then that’s what you start to label me as, and I’m so much more than that."

Speaking of her own experiences, and the experiences of others who are considered to be an unhealthy weight, she said: "We’re not dumb, we’re not ignorant to it. We’re not blind. But other people think like 'maybe if I tell her to lose weight she’ll do it'. It’s really not that f**king simple, so just shut up. It just gets so old."

However, the vlogger also noted, "I have enough self-love and self-confidence in myself to just shake it off because I always do and I know I’m worth more than that."

But, while it's great to see someone fighting back and claiming their right to love themselves for who they are, it's also incredibly saddening to know that Thomas and people like her have to deal with this sort of stuff every day. There's really no excuse (unless you're a medical professional, and you're dealing with an issue that is directly linked to someone's weight) to tell someone else what to do with their appearance - especially if you know it will come across as being mean or critical.

Well done to Thomas for being so brave and sharing her experiences with the world. Hopefully, people will take what she has said to heart, and realize that what other people choose to do with their bodies is really none of our concern.