Polish fitness fanatic is putting all his energy into making himself look older

Polish fitness fanatic is putting all his energy into making himself look older

Reality has become an outmoded concept in our modern society. Instead, a kind of effervescent fiction has taken hold, through the filtered corridors of Instagram, and influenced, no doubt, by the front covers of glossy magazines.

Such mediums purport to shape paradigms of beauty to which the general public can aspire, but some might counter that the emollient fiction that Instagram portrays holds scant semblance to any kind of recognizable reality.

It is tempting to think that such concepts do little harm; after all, if one has been blessed with excellent genes, and has the work ethic to sculpt their body into Adonis-like perfection, why not flaunt it and reap the benefits? Our society is perfectly engineered to do so.

The dangers fall, inevitably in issues of body confidence. How, after all, can one feel satisfied with their own appearance when they are confronted, ceaselessly, with ideals of perfection that are impossible to live up to?

While some might argue that any motivation to remain fit and healthy is inherently a good thing, preoccupation and obsession with such a notion can all too easily swing the wrong way into addiction, mental health issues and insecurities about the way we look.

Many spend thousands in a bid to appear more youthful looking, and to stave of the effects of aging. For one man, though, the end game of his image is an altogether different prospect. Personal trainer Pawelw Ladziak, takes measures in a bid to appear older than his 35 years.

Ladziak Poses With Sunglasses Credit: Pavel Ladziak/Facebook

Regularly dyeing his hair and beard white, there is method to the seemingly strange transformation in looks that the personal trainer has undertaken.

It seems that the well toned older man look has gone down extremely well on Instagram, and Ladziak believes that, by making himself look older than other fitness models, he sets himself apart from the crowd.


It would seem that Pavel Ladziak's hair started going grey at a relatively early age and, dissatisfied with the "salt and pepper" look, he decided that he would preempt the whole process and dye it all white. The decision appears to have paid off, since Ladziak boasts a legion of followers on Instagram, and the Daily Mail reports that his wife loves the look. He keeps them updated with a series of hardcore looking workout routines, which keep him in such astonishing physical shape, and the personal trainer is almost unrecognisable from his former, more slight self.

Pavel Ladziak Before and After Credit: Pavel Ladziak/Facebook

Ladziak is often compared to Gianluca Vacchi, the Italian businessman who found fame last year after being dubbed a fit older man. Vacchi, though, is considerably older than Ladziak.

It seems that social media has carved out yet another niche, and Pawelw Ladziak has certainly taken full advantage of that fact. Personally, ageing oneself prematurely seems a little too much like tempting fate. It's clearly working for the personal trainer, though.