School boy who weighed 22 stone loses half his body weight after making one simple change

School boy who weighed 22 stone loses half his body weight after making one simple change

Shedding a bit of weight is something that most of us would like to do, but don't have the temperament to actually go ahead with. Facing lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise regime can be a pretty daunting task, and there is a reason why so many of us fail in our quest to get "beach body ready" for the summer. However, one schoolboy from Liverpool has gone through an astonishing body transformation after shedding half his bodyweight through a variety of lifestyle changes, and one clever little trick.

Elliott Hulse, 17, said that it wasn't the exercise and dietary changes that he made that were key, instead if was something very simple: drinking more water.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Elliott described his weight loss experience.

"The key for me was drinking water, it was such a big part in the process of losing weight. I would drink up to two litres a day,

"At school I'd go and raid the vending machines and eat the brownies and cookies out of it. Then when I got home I'd root around in the fridge and find something to eat before and after tea."

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Elliott started college last year with a 50 inch waist and weighed 22 stones: now the teenager is  a 32 waist and just 11 stones.

It's a remarkable transformation, and when speaking about his reasons behind the changes, it becomes clear that he's just a typical teenage boy: "In my head, I didn't think that I was that big and I didn't see myself for how I really was. It was like I was looking at myself through one of those mirrors you see at the circus and I thought I looked good, but it finally clicked.

"I had been to an all boys school but when I moved to sixth form it was mixed, and it was that which made me realise I needed to do something."

Credit: Liverpool Echo

While Elliott was undoubtedly delighted with his transformation, there were some downsides to such a dramatic weight loss. When he was at his heaviest, Elliott only wore tracksuit bottoms, but as his waistline began to shrink, he started to wear jeans again and ended up going through 20 pairs throughout the year.

"I went from a 50inch waist to a 40, then down to a 36, 34 and now I'm a 32."

Elliott says that while progress was initially fairly slow, he is delighted with the end results.

"For months people didn't realise that I was losing weight. I didn't tell anyone about it but half way through the year a girl in school said that I was looking well," he said.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

"I don't think anyone wanted to say anything because I think they didn't want to sound mean."

Obviously, drinking more water wasn't the only change that Elliott made, he also started regularly going to the gym and cut down on his sugar intake, alongside using apps to track his progress. While it may have been quicker to have had an operation in order to help his progress, Elliott says he never seriously thought about it.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

"I only ever thought about surgery. For me, I'd never really want to go through an operation because I knew that I could lose the weight on my own, and surgery can actually be more damaging," he added.

"I know that people give up if they have a couple of bad days, but that shouldn't make a difference.

"You never gained all the weight in a few days and you can definitely lose it."

Well done, Elliott. It's an incredible transformation and shows what can be done once you set your mind to it.